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Scalability Problems: Hidden Challenges of Growing a System

Scalability problems: the hidden challenges of growing a system.

Problems with scaling

Problems we might face when trying to scale.

When one node has too much control

A centralized system is going to be limited by whatever the main source of control is capable of handling.

When centralization makes scaling hard!

When you’re waiting for a node to text back

Local vs. wide area networks.

Ultimately, a system built around a local-area network will run into problems when its synchronous communication is used in a wide-area network.

When synchronous communication on a (wide-area) network makes scaling hard!


  1. A brief introduction to distributed systems, Maarten van Steen & Andrew S. Tanenbaum
  2. On System Scalability, Charles Weinstock & John Goodenough
  3. Distributed Systems for Fun and Profit, Mikito Takada
  4. An Introduction to Distributed Systems (Lecture Notes), Dr. Tong Lai Yu



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