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Baseline Protocol Opens to Public

Open Source Community Already Building Content

Today at noon, the open source Baseline Protocol initiative opened its Github repo to the public.

You can find it at:

And the documentation is here:

And of course, the website (currently getting an upgrade) is at:

There’s a lot out there already about what the baseline approach is and why it might be important. And there will be more here as we go forward. This is the official Baseline Protocol Medium Publication, edited and contributed to by the community.

If you want to be part of the community, join us on Slack, sign up as a member, get involved in working sessions (lead some!), and star, watch, fork and contribute to the repo.

The code hasn’t been available for three hours and already there are product MVPs cooking, spontaneously-generated explainer videos on YouTube, and even a paid course on this very new blockchain subject on the Azure Marketplace.

The bus is leaving the station. Hop aboard.




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