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The Fastest Creation of a GraphQL Endpoint in 4 Simple Steps

Hello and Welcome. Today I want to show you the easiest way to create a GraphQL endpoint on the market. This is useful if you want to have an API ready to integrate with a Web/Mobile frontend or perform advanced queries on your Airtable base.

Step #1 — Log into your Airtable Pro account or BaseQL Account

Step #2 — Open the Airtable base you want to turn into a GraphQL endpoint

Step #3 — Click on the Apps icon in the top right hand corner

Step #4 — Click install an app and select the BaseQL app. Enter in your API key from your account page and you are ready to go with a working GraphQL endpoint.

To find your API Key navigate to your account page copy key and post it into the App

Now you have a functioning GraphQL Endpoint which you can query. Use the built in autocomplete to help create the perfect endpoint for your needs.

Every time you update your base if you open and close the apps screen the new fields will be available to query.

Pro Tip: Click the expand screen to get the full editor and use the MongoDB like syntax to create advanced queries.

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