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After Yang

the end of the campaign & what’s next for UBI in America

The Granite State

Most people, if they were home, were receptive. This person was neither. Also, I think they may have forgotten a period after the word “destroy.”

“Hey, I’ve got 3 stickers on my car, and Yang’s is only one of them. Can I at least nudge you away from Amy and Pete?”

Scroll to see some more of my experiences from canvassing: 1) Mitsy was so convinced she wanted to come knock doors with me. 2) Snow is nice sometimes, when it’s not in NYC. 3) Every single driveway and front stoop is treacherous here, but good for skating on. 4) My canvassing partner Whitman presents: The Book Of Yangmon. 5) A very American flag.

The Birth of a Real Movement

Who is Andrew Yang, Really?

A little clip from Andrew’s 2017 interview with us. Forgive the corny old graphics.

So What’s Next?



Articles about Universal Basic Income (UBI)

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