Basic Income
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Basic Income

Dear Bernie

what if you’re missing something really, really important?

Power to the People is what gets me up in the morning. (source)

When the average American doesn’t feel safe in her tomorrow, she cannot fully join in our revolution today.

First, UBI is not an alternative to other progressive policies.

Universal Healthcare

Financial security is the best preventive medicine.

The Fight for $15

Economic Inequality

This site lets people enter in their income and family size, and see how their finances shake out under a given UBI proposal. Let’s talk about putting a plan in there for you, Bernie. Let’s at least play with the numbers and see what we find! Click here to go to

The question shouldn’t be whether to implement a UBI, but how best to do so.

The Federal Job Guarantee

The Dignity of Work


What’s more, life IS work.


Women’s Empowerment



Climate Breakdown

We must not attempt to solve climate change on the backs of those least culpable, least able to afford it, and most detrimentally affected by it.


What if your boss told you to pepper spray the people? (source)


It’s good to teach integrity, but it’s another thing entirely to subsidize it.


Getting Money out of Politics

One way to stop hate is to choose love. Prejudice and punishment mentalities are born of hate, and pleasant platitudes are useless. UBI is love coupled with action. Let’s choose UBI.

Defeating Hate

Mostly, it’s fear.

The American Dream

Think of it like a utility. UBI is the plumbing. It pumps access, resilience, and agency into every household. (source)

UBI is power to the people, distilled. No frills. No barriers.

It’s not too late

As you say: “Not me, us.”



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