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Data Collection for AI Projects Has Never Been Easier!

Great news! Complex data collection projects just got a whole lot easier.

BasicAI is excited to announce the release of our proprietary mobile app for data collection projects, BasicAI Tasks. The BasicAI Tasks app — available to approved data collectors on both the Apple App Store & Google Play Store — is a revolutionary mobile application designed to help BasicAI manage your data collection projects with even greater efficiency & effectiveness. The app streamlines the process of distributing data collection tasks, managing global teams of crowd-sourced data collectors, auditing & approving the data that these task workers submit, and moving that data directly into the BasicAI Cloud platform for immediate execution of data labeling, meaning we can deliver your projects faster and more cost-effectively.

When it’s time to start your data collection project, BasicAI will work with you to input your detailed project guidelines, descriptions of your requirements, and sample images to be displayed directly to the data collection team tasked with sourcing your new data. All of this information is displayed in an easy to understand format for your collection team and helps to improve acceptance rates of submissions.

Once your project is created and assigned to your data collectors, they will be able to log in to the app to get started. So how does this new app work for Data Collectors?

For Data Collectors:

Step 1: Claim a Task

After logging in, data collectors will see a list of all tasks which have been assigned to them. From this list, they will be able to select and begin completing each task.

Step 2: View Task Information

Once a data collector has selected an individual task from their list, they will be taken to an overview description of the assigned task along with any samples included during task creation. After reviewing the task overview, the data collector will be able to press the “Claim” button to move on to the data capture section.

Step 3: Execute the Task

After claiming a task, collectors will be able to review the detailed guidelines for the task. After reviewing this detailed information they will be able to select the “Upload Data” button in order to either capture or upload the required data. After adding the data users will be prompted to select the appropriate files and select “Finish” to attach the data to the task.

Step 4: Upload & Submit Task

Once the data collector has executed and selected the appropriate data for the task, they will press the “Submit” button and the data will be delivered to the designated project management team members to Audit & Accept the submitted data.

It’s that simple!

We hope that you’ll find BasicAI Tasks to be an invaluable tool in providing you with the highest quality data collection services. If you have any questions about getting started with your own data collection projects, please contact our sales team at for more information.

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BasicAI’s offers powerful, user-friendly data annotation software available in the cloud, private cloud, or on premise as well as fully managed, expert annotation teams to help efficiently scale AI training data sets.

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BasicAI has deep expertise in training data collection and annotation for Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning applications.

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