Let’s talk about risk

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The societal challenges we face now are messy. Overcoming them requires experimentation. Tried and tested is out of date and incompatible with our current context. One size and approach does not fit all.

But with experimentation, comes risk. In public services, charities and NGOs, this goes beyond the reputational and financial. We risk making things worse for real people. However, increasing societal need means that the greatest risk for many is to take no risk at all.

“A ship in harbour is safe, but that is not what ships are for” — Einstein & Shedd

I think this is a really important conversation. Taking risks requires real courage, resilience and psychological flexibility. I’m interested to know what we can all do to cultivate these qualities so I’ve collaborated with Organisational Psychologists Jill Chapman and Gary King to design an online session aimed at re-framing risk.

Drawing on learning from psychology and the field of adventure we’ll help delegates to explore the boundaries between acceptable risk and misadventure within their own context. As part of the session, we’ll also share and practice evidence-based psychological tools to help unleash the range, flexibility, resilience and courage required to lead and experiment in uncomfortable, high-risk scenarios.

If you’re interested in getting into this discussion too, the session is being held on the 14th of December at 17:30. Join us here.

It’s free. Not risk-free. But free-free.



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Joseph Badman

Joseph Badman


MD @WeAreBasis. I help public services solve messy problems one sprint at a time. Part-time wizard, meet-free meathead & self-management nerd 🎩🌍🤓.