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You should be able to participate in your native language on Zoom

Recently we’ve been doing a bunch of work in different countries. Working remotely has meant that we’ve been able to connect with new organisations doing really impactful work across the globe. A challenge we’ve faced on several occasions is how to enable groups of folks who would prefer to collaborate in their native language to do so in Zoom.

Although there are decent solutions to this challenge when everyone is in the main plenary area, as soon as people start to work in smaller breakout groups things get wonky quickly. Sure it’s possible to pre-assign people to breakout groups, but those who regularly facilitate events of any kind of size will realise that in practice this doesn’t really work. I won’t go into why here — those who know, know!

We were trying to figure out how to overcome this issue with some colleagues from Welsh Government earlier this week and Matt Barnaby may well have figured it out.

Here’s my attempt to explain the solution. Thanks to Welsh Government for really challenging to solve the problem.

Got a better solution? We want to hear it.

We really care about enabling people to participate in online events and workshops. If you’ve figured out this conundrum and have a better solution than us, we’d love to hear it.



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Joseph Badman

Joseph Badman


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