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Your Weekly NBA Roundup

Headline 1: “NBA, union approve list of social justice messages for jerseys during restarted 2020 season: report”

  • Reportedly, NBA athletes will be able to use their jerseys and potentially even the courts they play on to display messages of social justice and solidarity for the BLM movement. This is a simple, yet effective away of combining the two worlds of sports and social equality; yet, in today’s social climate, a league as progressive as the NBA only using jersey names to promote equality seems underwhelming.

Headline 2: “Report: NBA players who travel separately to Orlando face additional costs, tests” — Yahoo! Sports

  • If there’s any reason to cancel the season outside of focusing on social justice and the spike of COVID-19 in Florida, it’s this: the league is basically being but on chokehold by the limitations and precautions to prevent the spread of the virus. One individual becoming sick undermines so much planning, time, and energy that the league may just be better off cancelling their season instead of facing a “Doomsday” scenario where their “bubble” proves faulty.

Headline 3: “Anthony Davis says Lakers have better chance at winning NBA title following hiatus: ‘We’re all rested’” — CBS Sports

  • I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. No team is coming back from the hiatus better than they were before. The season cut-off as teams ramped up for the playoffs, and now they come back in the same form they were in the NBA Preseason.
  • A case can be made that injury-hit teams like the Sixers and Raptors may benefit from the break in play, but the top-3 contenders in the league definitely did not improve, and the Lakers are among those 3 teams.

Headline 4: “NBA tells coaches age alone won’t prevent trip to Orlando for restart” — ESPN

  • Remember the “Doomsday” scenario I pointed out? Well, a coach in their 60s or, God forbid, their 70s, catching COVID-19 would be such a bad look for the NBA. Some older NBA coaches, particularly those fighting for playoff seeding, were upset that they could be forcibly removed from their teams because of their age — but, to be honest, the danger of putting at-risk individuals in a city with a spike in cases seems a slightly delusional.
  • And, to be clear, older NBA coaches ARE NOT healthier than the average 60 or 70 year old. I’ve looked into this in a past article, and there’s a ton of evidence that the stress and lifestyle of being a pro sports coach is simply not conducive to good overall health.

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Spencer Young

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