Greg Oden Reminds Draymond Green who the Original Dick Pic Snapper is

RIO DE JANEIRO — Following the accidental snap-chatting of his Round Mound of Dick Pound, Draymond Green attracted the attention of former Portland Trailblazer #1 pick and fellow peepee exposing aficionado Greg Oden.

“People are making a big deal about Draymond accidentally posting a picture of his skin flute, but they are forgetting who the real Big Hungamental is. I did that shit when Nokia phones were still a thing”

Oden, also known as the Dongfather, alluded to a 2010 incident which saw nude photos of him and his bologna pony leaked onto the internet.

“When my pocket rocket was plastered all over the web for everyone to see, I rocked it proudly. Homies in the locker room were calling me the Big Dicket. His ‘my phone was hacked’ excuse was so two thousand and late.”

Other ‘flash-letes’ who’ve had their intangibles exposed publicly took a more sympathetic tone.

“One minute you think you’re about to score, the next thing you know you are getting a phone call from your horrified grandma because she accidentally stumbled onto a picture of your junk that you accidentally sent to another dude” said NBA all-star Paul George.

George later reached out to Draymond and invited him join a support group for male athletes who have been caught sending dick pics including Evan Longoria, Brett Favre and Metta World Peace.