NBA Front Office Compromises with Players, Will Permit them to Kneel During Canadian Anthem

Colin ‘Kneelin’ Kaepernick

NEW YORK CITY — Several NBA players have expressed support for Colin Kaepernick’s US anthem protest while some have suggested NBA players will follow suit when the season begins. Adam Silver caught wind of the situation and following a discussion with the NBA Players Association, he released a statement.

“We are aware of the current situation in the NFL and support our players right to express themselves if they choose to do so,” said Silver. “However, after some discussion we all agreed that kneeling for the American anthem might not be good for business. So as a result we have compromised and decided players may kneel as much as they like during the Canadian national anthem”

The NBA front office has ensured players that ‘Oh Canada’ will be played at each game, regardless whether the Raptors are playing or not. Silver went on to explain the logic behind the decision.

“Yes, we are all disappointed in the inequality displayed by our justice system. But we have to remember that freedom of speech is an American concept. So is disrespecting another country to deflect from our own shortcomings. So it only makes sense to kneel during the Canadian anthem. Also their dollar is like 77 cents American right now so screw Canada.”