Westbrook Signs Extension with Thunder wearing Warriors “DaRunt” Jersey

The Thunder locked up Rusell Westbrook to a 3 year, $85 million deal meaning they will keep him around until the 2019 season. The organization could breath a sigh of relief after ensuring they wouldn’t lose out on their second star player.

He arrived at the press conference wearing an away Golden State Warriors, nearly causing all of Oklahoma City to have a simultaneous aneurysm, before turning around to reveal a jersey which read “DaRunt” with 00 emblazoned on the back. When asked about his former teammate, Westbrook would only reply once reporters used his newly created nickname.

“When it comes to DaRunt, I don’t care if he snapchats me a picture of Draymond Green’s dick. I’m deleting it.” He continued by elaborating on Durant’s anticipated success with the team “See these double 0’s, it represents how many championships he will win. OKC ain’t got time for traitors”

When a media member pointed out that Westbrook’s own number is 0, he quietly mumbled and exiting the room bringing the press conference to an awkward end.