Today, we welcome DJ and producer Victor M from Spain — aka PUSHMANN to have a small chat with us. Victor has been playing around Spain for more than a decade — making his way to the top by being a hardworking and persistent person he is. Influenced by hip-hop, funk and house music — among other genres — PUSHMANN delivers techno for the mind, body and soul. Combining different techno sound — from Detroit to Berlin, his productions are raw, fast-paced and unadulterated debauchery. Still in love with vinyl, he doesn’t cease to conquer dancefloors with his refined selection of tunes. Performing at such clubs as Florida 135 and Reset; sharing booth with such artists as Ben Sims, The Advent, Angel Molina, Eric Sneo, Fatima Haiji, Ken Ishii — you can be sure that the vibe is going to be just right when Victor is on the decks. We didn’t have a chance to talk with the guy face to face, however we could catch him online where we got a chance to ask a few questions.

Hey man! How’s the weather in Spain?
The sun shines, but with enough wind, well, not bad …
You’ve been doing a lot of projects recently, as well as being played by lots of big names. What’s your secret?
Simple, I make the techno that I really like and I trust that it works.
What are you currently working on? Any upcoming tunes, EPs, collabs?
Recently my new EP “Problems” was released on Clutch Trax récords, with Paul Mac and Mødeus remixes. Now I’m working on a new EP with all original tracks and various remixes for different artist. Also in 2017 new releases will be out on big labels.. KMS Records, Deadcert, TMM, Forte Techno..
How did you get into techno in the first place?
I listened hip-hop, rock… but, I think that a lot of the blame was the disco in my city, that’s where I started to discover electronic music ..
What is your studio setup at the moment?
I’m working with hardware and software.. korg Minilogue, Roland TR-8.. and various plugins, Modular V3, Prophet, Bazille..
Spanish underground scene is fascinating. PoleGroup is one of the best examples in my opinion. What can you say about them?
For me also undoubtedly, Pole Group is the Spanish label with more footprint, and Oscar is the one and only. But yes, Tensal, P.E.A.R.L, Kwartz…They make a fucking good music!
As a Spanish citizen and a DJ, what do you think about Ibiza?
For me, Ibiza is the biggest shit. Place that only cares about sellings, money, commercial music and full of people who do not know what they hear. Full of people looking for drugs, fuck and pretty much opportunity to waste the fucking money. Ibiza is not something I could call a dream. But that’s just me.
Speaking of which, what do you think about Carl Cox leaving his Space residency?
I prefer Carl out there. Honestly, for a techno DJ Ibiza should never be the first option. I mean, of course they make good parties, but most of them are shit. Maximum respect for Carl, long time enduring on an island where the shit abounds!
Your very first gig. Were you scared to play your first time?
It was in a club in my city, about 10 people were waiting for my performance, friends and family hahaha. Nervous? No! lol
Are you one of the old-school analog producers or do you keep up with the times and go digital?
I combine both, there are things that I like to do analogically and others in a digital way.
Your most memorable night from your performances. What was it about?
I remember one at Movie Club in Pamplona (Spain). Playing after of Ben Sims. 1000 people dancing like there’s no tomorrow!
Why did the chicken cross the road?
I think it was hungry! haha

Thank you Victor for your time! The language barrier prevented to have more detailed and colorful responses, nonetheless it was fun to take a peek on the life of rising Spanish techno warrior. This guy definitely stands on a right path.

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