In today’s edition of Chat Sessions we welcome Time Traveler, also known as Michele Pinna in real life. He started his career back in 2007, playing under his real name; as well as founded his label The Triangle Records. He eventually got bored with the ways industry works and came up with his alter-ego Time Traveler — a mysterious and rebellious figure in today’s techno scene, like an act of protest. Today, he owns another imprint Chronicles Diary, shared scene with Chris Liebing, Black Asteroid and Andrew Fletcher from Depeche Mode, got his tracks remixed by Dave Clarke and Detroit Techno Militia, and that’s only the beginning.

We’ve been blessed to have a rare chance to have a conversation with the man behind the mask, and did he prepare something really awesome for us today. Read on!

Time Traveler — Chronicles from 1957 / Chapter V
Good afternoon, Michele! How are you, man?
Hello Roman, pretty fine and thanks for the kind invitation in your channel.
You have been performing before under your name, right?
Yes that’s correct. I started producing and performing in 2007 as Michele Pinna. The same year when I opened my first label The Triangle records.
What kind of music you have been producing / playing back then?
I was focused in a more European techno, big room techno, but always touched by old school influences that every time marked the way I lead the label and my sets.
Now, tell us about your alter ego Time Traveler. What kind of character is he? Is he a hero or anti-hero?
I prefer to figure it out as an anti-hero I stopped to release as Michele Pinna and quit for a bit The Triangle records when I started to be disappointed by how the music industry was going into, at my opinion too much mainstream and riddled by “fake” heroes. So YES, I’d love to be an anti hero. 
As Time Traveler I’m able to do whatever I’d like to propose in my music and performance, no caring about where the “vogue” moves.
What influenced you to come up with the idea of Time Traveler?
Time Traveler born to fuse in one character all my intentions, and passions, from Art to Music to Fashion to everything I’d like to includes and letting me inspire. In my personal vision I absorb influences in everything I feel “techno” and in this way I try to interpret ate with sounds language, far from the only working loops sometimes represent the idea of techno and moving to a storytelling in every release. This is the main IDEA of Time Traveler, be the noisy voice behind the scene.
What kind of music Time Traveler plays and produces? What kind of an atmosphere he is aiming for?
It stretches from mental grooves and atmospheres to more muscles techno, including anthems melodic patterns let’s march the crowds.
So, what is Time Traveler’s latest EP ‘Chronicles from 1957’ about? I heard it’s pretty hard to find it, very limited release.
I release a limited 300 copies for this release, and it’s almost sold-out so I can say is working good, I don’t release any digitals for this year, and I’m not sure I’ll do, even if a lot of peoples asking me to release it out also a digital format, so we will see in the next future. Actually I’d love to spread only physical edition of my works.
Any upcoming stuff in the works?
Yes after the summer break I’m scheduling the release of the remix report II of my album I’m Made Of Stars, will includes Dave Clarke and Detroit Techno Militia remixes.
Tell us what kind of mix you’ve prepared for us today?
I would like to say is a mix to “raves your sound system” where I included lots of old school techno walked with me since early 2000, from Robert Natus to the Arms records releases ( Bas Mooy 00’s label) for example, lots of hard techno vinyls bought in my travels that are really hard to find now day and some fresh new raw techno that’s really impressed me and still are parts of the weapons in my records bag.
Thanks for your time. We are pleased to meet you.
Thanks to You and keep on raving.

It’s a great pleasure to have you with us, Michele.

Meanwhile, get ready for a special treat he prepared for us — a vinyl only, old school rave mix for a whole hour — Rave Your Soundsystem Mix. Can you recognize all the tunes on that one?

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