Metallic skirt with an exaggerated bow detail, available to shop at Bastet Noir

Alright, we admit, we have developed a bit of a crush on metallics. Is there anyone who can stay immune to this trend? We mean for real, the shimmering, shinning notes make our tiny little fashion hearts skip a beat whenever we see them on a stylish girl.

We’ve always loved this trend, but being the casual fashionistas that we are, we’ve kind of had small clash of interests. So we found a way to stay true to ourselves and still be on trend. Here’s a little guide to everyone who like us love the shiny metallics, but wants to tone it done a notch and keep it casual. Take a look at the 5 ways to rock this trend by combining hints of metallics in your clothes.


Bareback metallic dress available at Bastet Noir

The appeal of the bareback dress is pretty dramatic and the sparkly tone of the metallics add that much more to the drama. What if we tell you there’s a way to tone it down and make it a day look? It’s as simple as throwing fisherman’s knit cardigan and a waist band. That way you’ll get the best of both worlds, a hint of metallics and lots of comfort.


Now, this is the perfect outfit to hit the office in, but also to hit the town when office hours are done. The metallic skirt with an open front slit goes well with thick black stockings and an oversized fit sweater. Pair it with ankle booties and a midi winter coat.


Metallic tunic available at Bastet Noir

Twiggy is back babes and hotter than ever. The metallic tunic inspired by Twiggy’s most iconic photo is fierce and whimsical. It’s the ultimate outfit for that office Christmas party. Pair it with black turtlenecks and black thights. You can even add some sparkly ankle booties to round up the look.


Metallic pants

If you’re the type of gal who prefers to wear pants, we recommend you go with the high waist metallic pair this season. This kind of cut can do wonders to your figure as it accentuates just the right curves on a gal. Throw on a simple white T-shirt and you’ll be good to go. Make sure also that your make up is as simple as possible, not to over do it.


Every girl loves her shoes. We all know that there’s a strong emotional bond between a gal and her shoes that in most cases lasts for a lifetime. So this year, we’re taking a new lover, the metallic shoes. They are fierce, they are badass and they are drama, which makes them just the right kind of lover for us. When you pick your pair, make sure they have subtle rounded edges. This provides softer, more casual look to the outfit, which is what you’re aiming for, right?

A little pop of metallic, never hurt nobody, so try it on, why don’t ya? For more metallics inspiration check our collections here and here.

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