JESSICA DE CARLO: One of New York’s finest jewellery goddesses

Jessica De Carlo rings and bracelets, available at Bastet Noir

We’re inspired by so many amazing artists the world over, almost constantly. We love promoting different cultures and learn more and more about every artist’s craft, so probably this is the reason why we love covering stories about independent designers. The different backgrounds inspire us daily, they get our creative juices flowing, motivate us to keep on working and developing ourselves.

Jessica De Carlo in New York

One such inspirational story is about the briliant, Brooklyn based, jewellery designer, Jessica De Carlo who has joined Bastet Noirs team a week ago. This girl started her career when she was only 16 years old. Can you believe it? Climbing her way up from participating at local fairs in New Jersey, to pefecting her craft in Florence, Italy, she’s managed to end up all the way to Kendall Jenner’s fingers. Yes, you read it correctly, the most fashionable Kardashians of them all has a thing for Jessica’s jewellery, she even wore several rings of her collection while shooting the Estee Lauder’s ad campaign. Damn, this girl’s craft is so hot, she even made us open a whole new jewellery section on Bastet Noir.

So here she is exclusively for Bastet Noir, telling us things about what inspires her, her proudest moments to date and things she can’t imagine her life without.

Jessica De Carlo jewelery, available at Bastet Noir

BN: What’s your designer style?

JDC: Modern Boho Chic.

BN: What inspires you?

JDC: So very many things everyday! I’m inspired by NYC, where I live… the food, the people, the fashion, the art, the buildings, everyone’s creativity. I’m inspired by traveling and nature, seashells, gems, clothes, my friends, other small business owners… strong fearless women, horses, mountains, drums… the list can really go on and on, and on.

Kendal Jenner wearing rings by Jessica De Carlo, available now at Bastet Noir

BN: What’s your proudest moment to date?

JDC: Perhaps having everyone who helps me run the business enjoying a special meal together. I feel proud and happy then.

Jessica De Carlo jewellery available at Bastet Noir

BN: If you weren’t a fashion designer what would you be?

JDC: I would have been a potter. I believe I would have enjoyed cold clay over hot metal sometimes…

BN: Things you can’t do without…




Love/Support system

Soup dumplings

If you still haven’t fell in love with her jewellery, which is practically impossible, check her latest collection, selling at Bastet Noir now and see for yourself what’s the buzz all about. We promise you’ll thank us later.

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