10 Interesting Historical Facts About Hitler

No doubt, Adolf Hitler is a personality of great interest in history. Because of the Holocaust and World War 2 and Nazis and all. So, here are some interesting facts about Hitler you didn’t know about.

  1. Hitler adopted the vegetarian diet and stood against the animal cruelty.
  2. He was addicted to chocolate and would consume 1 kilogram of chocolate per day. He was a sweet lover and used to take a daily dose of pastries and cakes.
  3. Hitler had a crush on a Jewish girl in his young age named Stefanie Isa.
  4. Hitler spent a lot of time with his niece and he had a controversial relationship with her.
  5. One of strange Hitler facts is that he lost his one testicle during the World War I.
  6. He was fond of art and wanted to become an artist, for this, he applied to the academy of fine arts Vienna twice, but rejected.
  7. Hitler was a Disney fan. Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs was his favorite.
  8. He had insomnia. He used to work at nights and wake up late in the mornings.
  9. During WW1, a British soldier spared the life of a wounded German: Adolf Hitler.
  10. Hitler was saved from drowning by a Priest when he was 4 years old.