Deployed: Innovative Solutions for Event Communications

BATS Wireless
Mar 23, 2016 · 2 min read


When large events arrive, public safety officials are required to provide the assistance and security needed to support the large crowds. Paramount to that effort, is their ability to coordinate and communicate effectively, no matter the environment. The heavy usage associated with the large crowds can bring commercial cellular networks to a crawl, leaving security and EMT resources stranded. What these officials need is a public safety communications solution that would remain operational, despite how many carrier towers buckled under immense use.


BATS utilizes the BTS platform to design a nomadic wireless backhaul link that is able to meet the bandwidth requirements needed for real time voice and data communications for mobile LTE network Cell-on-Wheels (COW), or WIFI deployments. The links are typically achieved by placing dedicated point to point (PTP) radios, like the Cambium PTP650, on both sides of the link to transport high-speed; low-latency voice and data communications.

One BATS BTS 50 system paired with a PTP radio serves as a mobile backhaul node atop a public safety COW. A second BATS DVM 50X (or similar) system paired with another PTP radio is placed in a base station location overlooking the entire operational area.

Solutions similar to this have delivered 95 Mbps or more of aggregate throughput, allowing operators free and uninterrupted use of their Public Safety LTE handsets for ongoing coordination and safety efforts.

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