We Worked with Aviat’s ODU 600 to Deliver Resilient, High-Throughput Wireless Communications & Data Solution

BATS Wireless
Mar 10, 2016 · 2 min read
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We’re back with another unique solution using Aviat’s ODU 600 radio to deliver communications and data for operators needing high-speed, highly available broadband communications and data.

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Delivering up to 462 Mbps in single unit, single polarization configuration; the Aviat ODU 600 is an excellent choice for carrier grade communications and reliability.

The unique configuration developed by BATS makes use of Aviat’s ODU 600 in a quad-ODU configuration. The solution makes use of four (4) ODU 600’s paired with two (2) Aviat equal loss couplers and flexible waveguides.

In its current dual polarization setup, the solution is capable of delivering multiple operating scenarios, including:

  • Dual 1+1 MHSB (Monitored Hot Standby)
  • Dual or Quad FD (Frequency Diversity)
  • Dual or Quad CD (Channel Diversity)
  • Dual 2+0 XPIC (Cross Polarization Interference Cancellation)
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Our BTS 500 system enables operators the flexibility of multiple antenna and radio configurations. The quad ODU configuration with Aviat’s ODU 600 is capable of delivering protected link with over 1.4Gbps of throughput.

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  • 1.2m MIMO Antenna; 37.3dBi; Ideal for long range broadband links >50km.
  • Radio/Antenna Bracket; Mounts MIMO Antenna and Aviat ODU 600 to PU-500 Positioner
  • Aviat ODU 600; Universal ODU with broad operating frequency range: 6–42 GHz
  • Radio Coupler; Mounts Individual ODU 600’s to Radio Mounting Bracket
  • Radio Mounting Bracket; Mounts Aviat ODU 600 Radio Coupler to Radio/Antenna Bracket
  • BATS PU-500 Positioner for BTS 500 System; Controls Antenna Alignment & Enables Stabilized Microwave Compensation and Tracking
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