We Worked with Mimosa’s B5c to Deliver Industry-Leading Gigabit Unlicensed Wireless for Communications and Data

We’ve developed a unique solution using Mimosa’s ODU B5c radio to deliver communications and data for operators needing high-speed, spectrum efficient, broadband communications and data.

Delivering up to 1.5 Gbps in single unit, single radio configuration; the Mimosa B5c is an excellent choice for cloud-managed, unlicensed, communications and reliability.

The unique integration with the auto-aiming antenna solution from BATS allows for enhanced flexibility of Mimosa’s B5c radio a variety of applications. The solution makes use of one (1) Mimosa B5c radio and one (1) dual-polarity MIMO 4.9–6 GHz panel antenna.

In its current MIMO configuration, the solution is capable of delivering unique wireless networking features, including:

  • 2 Independent Dual-Stream Radios Operating on Non-Contiguous Frequencies (Dual Link Operation)
  • Active Scan Monitors / Logs Ongoing RF Interference Across Channels with No Service Impact (Smart Spectrum Management)
  • Supports 4 Pre-Configured Quality of Service Levels (QoS)
  • 1PPS GPS TX/RX Synchronization for Collocated Co-Channel Radios. Adjustable up/downstream Bandwidth Ratio (Collocation Synchronization)

Our BTS 50 system enables operators the flexibility of multiple antenna and radio configurations. The dual polarization configuration with Mimosa’s ODU B5c is capable of delivering an agile, efficient, and collocated link with over 1.4Gbps of throughput.


  • 0.3m MIMO Antenna; 24.5dBi; Ideal for high-speed medium range broadband link 
  • Radio/Antenna Bracket; Mounts MIMO Antenna and Mimosa ODU B5c to BTS 50 Positioner
  • Mimosa B5c; Universal ODU with broad operating frequency range: 4.9–6 GHz
  • Radio Mounting Bracket; Mounts Mimosa B5c Radio to Radio/Antenna Bracket
  • BATS PU-50 Positioner for BTS 50 System; Controls Antenna Alignment & Enables Stabilized Microwave Compensation and Tracking