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A Tale of Two Chemistries: Battery Manufacturer’s Strategies for Winning both NCx and LFP Markets

  • By 2030, up to 84% of BEV sales may have non-NCx (eg. LFP) cells, a change from near 0% in EU and North American markets today. This shift is driven by the inherent advantages of LFP over NCx chemistries in terms of cost, safety, reliability, and ESG.
  • The volumetric and gravimetric density for cost tradeoff has reached a point where the same envelope for cells can be used for different BEV segments. Announcements of unified BEV platforms having different chemistry options by Tesla, VW, and Stellantis for high-volume BEVs will create significant Non-NCx markets.
  • This will incentivize cell manufacturers to offer both NCx and non-NCx products where they have traditionally preferred only one.

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Ratel Consulting LLC
Ratel Consulting — Synthesis of Financial Times sales projections and Bloomberg New Energy Finance EV Outlook 2021
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Tesla Battery Day 2020
VW Power Day 2021
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