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The Battery Report 2021

  • Industry: Commercial milestones in battery development and manufacturing
  • Research: Academic breakthroughs in fundamental battery science
  • Talent: Supply, demand, and insights on talent working in the field
  • Policy: Government targets, incentives, regulations, and their implications
  • Predictions: Trends we believe are likely to happen in the next 12 months
  • Industry players are moving rapidly to pursue higher energy densities and lower costs in order to move carbon emissions to net zero. Technical directions include the development of silicon anodes and solid state battery technologies, increased adoption of LFP chemistries, the emergence of sodium ion, and the continued expansion of stationary storage.
  • Significant trends include battery and auto manufacturers forming new joint ventures, large quantities of climate venture capital, SPAC exits for early-stage battery startups, and OEMs investing in the future of electric vehicles.
Source: Researcher & Research
  • Academic research efforts gravitated towards battery management systems in 2021, followed by studies in battery components in cathode, electrolyte, and the anode.
  • Number of jobs in the battery industry is expected to 10x in the coming decade, with severe shortage projected for workers in the upstream value chain.
  • A number of government policies globally are seeking to accelerate a healthy battery ecosystem and promote economic development.

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