Battle GMAT- Week13 (27 Sep’15 to 1 Oct’15)

Thirteenth Week- 13 (27th September 2015 to 1st October 2015)- Up for the game

If well prepared, results don’t matter!

We are what we want ourselves to be? How true is that?
Final overs of a cricket match, last 2 minutes of a basketball game, last round of an important deal; these ‘lasts’ matter the most, for the blood, sweat and tears boil down to this last moment, the moment of truth, the moment after which it will become irrelevant. As much as you want to retain composure, there are moments of anxiety, questions in your dreams, fear in your nerves, and blood in your veins. There is a rush of emotions, a storm of thoughts and a flickering light that makes you think, think again, and then rethink what you thought. Does this make sense? To me it does not!

Life has come to a rather unproductive standstill. A feeling of burnout has accumulated the energy, and anxiety of the D day takes precedence over everything else. Still, to keep myself going, I have tried to remain calm, done my daily chores, read what I feel I need to read and learnt what I still think can make a difference. In terms of building up the stamina, i started running and playing basketball a couple of days back, and trust me, it has helped my old age a lot, helped me get my moves back, and every drop of sweat reminds me of what it takes to make it count. So the intentions are good, and i wish the day turns out to be even better.

So after my last mock exam, I did not really give any other mock. Wanted to focus on content, and have studied a lot. Done with over 1500 problems on Grockit, tried to pace up the mental game and learnt some quick tips and tricks. I wish, everything fits into the right place. For the fun of it, I plan to take a couple of full length tests over this weekend, not for score estimation, but for timing, pacing, and stamina build. Remember, GMAT is not about intelligence, it is about stamina. It is about running a marathon, and not a 100 meter.

No content/material stuff included in this post, since at this point it has become almost irrelevant. 5 days in life, followed by 4.5 hours of the war, we will see, how these last 13 weeks have resulted. Irrespective of the result, I will post, success or failure, we will define later!

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