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Welcome to our Battle Racers Update! In these monthly updates, we’ll share with you the status of the game and how development is going. In this July update, you’ll get to see our work in progress for the build, our item pre-sale results, and a BIG announcement on parts trading.

Build update: Preparing for Decentraland beta

The Battle Racers arena in Decentraland

Since our last update, a bunch of exciting things have happened! Decentraland announced their World Explorer’s closed Beta and avatar system, which means we’re getting close to having Battle Racers playable inside their virtual world. The team is currently updating the game to use Decentraland’s new SDK, as well as doing test deployments on LAND. The GIF above shows what our arena currently looks like inside Decentraland.

With our two Closed Multiplayer Betas done, we are now preparing the game for launch. One of our beta tracks is being converted into a Practice Track, which lets players race for free, with no entry fee or post-race rewards. Players who don’t own any Battle Racers cars can also test-drive demo cars on the Practice Track, similar to our beta cars. Our other track will be converted into a PVP Track, a premium track for tokenized race cars only. PVP races are competitive — they have an entry fee in Scrap (our in-game currency) and give out rewards. We’re also adding sound effects and music to the game to add to the racing experience.

Item pre-sale results: 597 ETH raised!

That’s a lot of car parts!

Our item pre-sale ended on June 20, 10:00AM EDT — exactly 30 days after it started. Thanks to the support of our awesome community, we were able to sell 597 ETH worth of crates! The unsold crates have already been burned, and any bought but unopened crates can still be opened with the same drop rates as before. A secondary market for these crates is happening in our Discord #marketplace channel, as well as handshake agreements for parts trading (more on that below).

Community-created tools like purplethong’s PitStop bot help players manage their parts

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again — we have such an awesome community that supported us throughout the pre-sale and beyond. Community developers have created bots to help players manage and compare parts in their inventory. Since our early buyers had technical issues with their crates, we created a special car as compensation: the Bolt Bug, and airdropped Prime Elite parts to them. Thank you again to everyone for being incredibly understanding ❤

Finally, since car customization is still WIP, we created a parts viewer that lets pre-sale buyers mix and match the parts in their wallets. If you own car parts, check out the Car Preview here:

Press roundup

Here are the key pieces of press coverage we received this month:

What’s next: Parts trading launches on September 3*!

Get ready to trade your parts on OpenSea!

We’re excited to announce that Battle Racers parts trading will go live on Tuesday, September 3*! That means the car parts that you bought or received during our recently-concluded item pre-sale will become tradeable on the Ethereum network. You can then buy and sell the car parts on OpenSea. Big shout-out to both Loom and OpenSea for working with us to make this happen.

How will parts trading work?

  • You will have the option to transfer your car parts from the Loom sidechain to the Ethereum main network
  • You can initiate the transfer from the part’s page on the Battle Racers website. You’ll need ETH to pay for gas for the transfer (using Metamask, Trust, or other compatible wallets)
  • Parts on the main network are ERC-721 non-fungible tokens and can be openly traded/sold on OpenSea
  • Once a part is transferred, it becomes locked: you can see it in your inventory, but won’t be able to use it inside the game
Sample Transfer button in your inventory on

Why are we waiting until September 3*?

  • We are using a Loom transfer gateway to move your car parts from the sidechain to mainnet
  • According to Loom, this gateway has never been done before — we’re the first!
  • We’re taking extra precautions to make sure the gateway is working properly before we go live
  • Transferring a mainnet part back to Loom will be implemented on a later date

Have any questions on parts trading? Join us on Discord for real-time updates, and head over to the #marketplace to see which parts other racers are planning to trade!

Thanks for reading this month’s update, and please clap or share if you like this article.

Battle Racers:

*UPDATE: We updated this article on 8/14 with our new parts trading launch date.

Battle Racers

The latest news from Battle Racers, a blockchain arcade racing game on Decentraland.

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Battle Racers

The latest news from Battle Racers, a blockchain arcade racing game on Decentraland.

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