Battle Racers Update (March 2019)

Welcome to our first Battle Racers Update! In these monthly updates, we’ll share with you the status of the game and how development is going. For our first update, you’ll get to see what the game currently looks like!

Build status: Core gameplay done!

The team has spent the last few months iterating on Battle Racers’ core gameplay; these mechanics include player point of view, game controls, car stats and weapons, etc. We’ll be writing more about that process in our future developer diaries here on Medium (watch this space!). But the good news is, we’re done prototyping Battle Racers and have built a Minimum Viable Product (MVP).

Our MVP is up and playable on our own servers, supports multiplayer and spectators, and uses the Decentraland SDK 5.0.0. It’s not deployed on Decentraland yet, but that’s something we’ll sort out with them in the near future. While we can’t share our internal build with you yet, here’s what it looks like!

The Battle Racers arena is a giant car on 20 parcels, which you can enter from multiple points:

Step inside the Battle Racers arena

Inside, we have one multiplayer track for four players. You can join the race by stepping on a podium and choosing a car and weapons.

Yesterday’s build, 3 humans vs 1 AI

Our current in-game line-up has four cars (a race car, muscle car, jeep, and tank) and four weapons (Boost, Missile, Bear Trap, and Shield). In our playtests, people get really competitive even with limited content. That’s a good sign — it means the game is fun! We need that baseline before adding any more cars and weapons.

What’s next: Pre- and post-race user experience + item sale

We’re currently working on rounding out the race experience: loading cars from your inventory, winning rewards, and later customizing the car itself. We’re also scaling up our car content to prepare for our item sale, happening soon! (We have a ton of cars, and some are exclusive to the item sale, so it’s good to grab them early!) We’ll post a sneak peek of some of those special cars next week.

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Battle Racers:

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