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May 1 · 3 min read
Van Cunanan and Isagani Carmelo Nañagas from Altitude Games

In our Meet the Devs series, we’ll feature interviews of the Battle Racers team — our game artists, engineers, designers, and more. Today, let’s meet two of our 3D artists — Van Cunanan and Isagani Carmelo Nañagas.

Who we’re meeting today:

  • Van Cunanan, Lead 3D Artist — 8 years in game industry
  • Isagani Carmelo Nañagas, 3D Artist — 9 years in game industry

What do you do on the team?

Van: I create, import, and export 3D assets for Battle Racers. Sometimes, I do concept for cars, too.

Isagani: I create 3D models and VFX for Battle Racers.

What other games have you worked on?

Van: 4 years of hidden object games. Picnic Wars on iOS. Manila Rush.

Isagani: Holy Ship, Bleach: Brave Souls, Through Andrea’s Eyes, The Gift

Did you play in arcades growing up? How do you remember your experiences in the arcade?

The King of Fighters ’99 (from MobyGames)

Van: Yes I did, for sometime. There was an arcade place two blocks away from our house. I remember playing Metal Slug, King of Fighters, and Marvel vs Capcom.

Isagani: Yes, I almost got my wallet stolen one time I was playing in the arcade.

What’s your favorite game, or what game made you want to be a game developer?

Fallout (from MobyGames)

Van: Favorite of all time, it’s Castlevania: Symphony of the Night. Metal Gear Solid made me want to be a part of game development.

Isagani: Fallout 1 is my all-time favorite game.

What excites you most about Battle Racers?

Van: There’s an echo of Twisted Metal to it. It is better played with other person because the game becomes exciting and unpredictable.

Isagani: The ability to mix and match parts to create your own custom car with matching stats.

If you were a car, which brand and model would you be and why?

Van: Police Car. I always wear black and white and when it is party time my sirens are on.

Isagani: A classic 1969 Volkswagen Beetle. Old, slow, needs lots of care, but can be loads of fun with the right kind of people.

Thanks for answering our questions, Van and Isagani! Do you have a question you’d like our team to answer? Join us on Discord and let us know! Please follow us on social media for more posts like this one, and clap or share if you like this article.

Battle Racers:

See you next time!

Battle Racers

The latest news from Battle Racers, a blockchain arcade racing game on Decentraland.

Altitude Games

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Game studio behind Battle Racers, Kung Fu Clicker, Dream Defense, and Run Run Super V

Battle Racers

The latest news from Battle Racers, a blockchain arcade racing game on Decentraland.

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