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Nov 8 · 4 min read

Hello there, racers! Game Designer Benjo here of the Battle Racers team. Today, I’ll be going over how our car parts work: types, rarities, and their underlying stats.

Part Types and Specialties

Each car in Battle Racers is made up of four (4) different parts — Body, Front, Rear, and Wheels. These part types carry stats based on their specialties that affect the racing performance of your car.

Every part has weight, as well as at least two (2) stats, which are dependent on what type of part it is. The values of these stats are given when the part is minted with some variance.

The specialties are as follows:

  • Body - Durability + Speed
  • Front - Durability + Power
  • Rear - Speed + Steering
  • Wheels - Power + Steering

A car will take the total of all stats from all its parts to make up its effective stats and performance.

Stats and Upgrades

So what do each of these stats do? Let’s go over them one by one.

Sample stats in the game
Sample stats in the game
Sample stats in the game


  • Durability is how much damage a car can take before exploding and resetting. Damage comes from Weapons used by other players.


  • Speed is what dictates the top speed a car can go on straights. A car cannot go above that speed without using Weapons.


  • Steering is what dictates the top speed a car can go on turns. Same as Speed, a car cannot go above their top speed without using Weapons.


  • Power is what dictates the acceleration of the car. This is how fast a car can reach their top speed on either turns or straights.


  • Weight is the universal stat that every part carries. This weighs down the car and decreases the car’s acceleration. The higher the weight, the greater the diminishing effect.

Now that we’ve established what each part does, how do we make them better?

Each part can be upgraded with our in-game currency Scrap (earned through racing and salvaging). This increases all the stats of that part by a percentage. Every subsequent upgrade costs more Scrap to upgrade the part to the next level until it reaches it max. But what dictates the max level of a part?

Rarity, Level Caps, and Elite Parts

Different rarities of the Python Drive
Different rarities of the Python Drive
Different rarities of the Python Drive

A part can only be upgraded so many times, and that depends on its Rarity. Below is the max level a part can be upgraded to per rarity:

  • Common - Level 3
  • Rare - Level 6
  • Epic - Level 9
  • Legendary - Level 12

Of course, the higher the rarity, the scarcer a part is.

Upgrade costs go up the higher the rarity of the part. This keeps lower rarity parts relevant in the early and mid game because they can be maxed out much quicker than others.

Rarity also changes the visuals of a part, adding more flair as it goes up in rarity so that everyone knows that you’ve got the goods. Each rarity can have multiple color variations as well — higher rarities have less to keep them recognizable. Legendaries have their own unique model and look.

Now, the only way for a part to be upgraded above the level given by the rarity is if a part is Elite. The Elite tag is a special modifier that increases the max level by 2. It has a very low chance to appear each time any part is minted. So if we apply that modifier to the rarities:

  • Elite Common - Level 5
  • Elite Rare - Level 8
  • Elite Epic - Level 11
  • Elite Legendary -Level 14

Count your lucky stars should you come across these Elite parts!

Almost done, lemme whis-purr a few more tidbits
Almost done, lemme whis-purr a few more tidbits
Almost done, lemme whis-purr a few more tidbits

With all that said, let’s do a quick rundown of other miscellaneous part facts:

  • Each part has a collection tag associated. This shows which release set that part belongs to. You can think of these similar to Editions of card sets.
  • Each part has an ID number assigned on its minting. These are given sequentially and will never be repeated. The lower the number, the older the part.
  • Parts can be salvaged for Scrap. The resulting Scrap earned is dependent on the Rarity of the part as well as the number of times it’s been upgraded. We’ll talk more about Scrap in a future article.
  • There is no weight limit, so any part can be used in any car!

Well, that’s all that we have for today. Tune in soon for more information on car assembly/disassembly and races. Please clap or share if you like this article, and thanks for reading!

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