Sneak Peek: Cars!

Hello, racers! Our team has a special sneak peek for you this week, and it’s all about cars! Read on to see some of the different cars you can build and race in Battle Racers.

How are cars classified in the game?

Cars are made up of four parts: Body, Front, Rear, and Wheels

Battle Racers cars are designed to mimic cars in real life. For instance, all our cars are categorized into brands and models. Each brand is known for a particular type of car, and models look different from each other. Think of it as Toyota having both a Corolla and a Camry. (But we made up our own brands and models for the game — you can see some examples below.)

Each model has different variants — similar to colorways in sneakers, or a silver Corolla versus a white one with a red racing stripe. Some variants are rarer than others. Rarer cars don’t just look better, but they also have better stats! We’ll go through rarities and stats in more detail in future posts.

Lastly, while we create our car models in complete sets, you’re not limited to using them that way. The cars are cut up into parts (Body, Front, Rear, and Wheels) that you can mix and match across all brands and models. You can build your car however you like! Since each part has its own set of stats, you might want to create a car for speed, power, durability…Or you just want your car to look a certain way. The customization possibilities are endless.

Introducing our car brands

Here are our first six car brands in Battle Racers, each with a signature look and feel:

The Hyperion Spirit — a classic model car

The Hyperion brand makes good all-around race cars. In general, it has average values across all stats, great for beginners.

The Bolt Boss — quirky and fun

The Bolt is a plucky car that bounces back quickly after taking a few hits. The Bolt has high power but less durability.

The Vista Raider — one of our favorites

The Vista is known for its strong, sturdy frame. It’s very durable, handling turns well thanks to its hefty weight.

The Guerilla Bravo — super tough!

The Guerilla is a literal tank! It’s very heavy, built to withstand your opponents’ weapons.

The Zeta GX — built for speed

For the sports car fans, Zeta is our luxury brand. With high speed, it loves the straights but watch out for turns and hits.

The Python Drive — #tbt

Last but not the least, Python is our throwback muscle car. Extremely fast and light, it’s nice to look at, but vulnerable to attacks.

(If you’re on our Discord, these will look familiar — because you saw them ahead of everyone else :) Join our Discord to see more examples of the cars above.)

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These cars and many more will be available soon. You can win them in competitive races on Decentraland, or purchase exclusive ones in our upcoming item sale. We’ll do another sneak peek on exclusive item sale cars in another post. Tip: The item sale cars will have much better stats and aesthetics than anything else in the game, so you’ll need to act fast!

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