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Clash Royale Tournament Automation

Supercell and Battlefy have teamed up to enhance the Clash Royale competitive experience — running a Clash tournament has never been easier!

Want to run your very own Clash Royale tournament on Battlefy? Just follow these easy steps:

4. You’re all set! Promote your tournament on social media and tag Battlefy for potential social media support!

5. Join the official Support Discord. Feel free to ask questions!

How does Clash Royale Automation work?

Thanks to Supercell, Battlefy automated the following experiences to enable anyone to create a Clash Royale tournament:

Let’s dive in!

Verify account during tournament registration.

Joining a Tournament

Players can now verify the ownership of their Clash Royale account on Battlefy by connecting their Player Tag and API token (these can be found under a player’s Clash Royale profile).

When Battlefy tournament matches begin, the system automatically sends invites directly to the Clash Royale app for easy tournament organization!

Setting Up a Match

When two players are matched in a competition, either player can initiate the match via the automated Battlefy system. If the match is timed out, the tournament admin will be notified to help resolve the match issue.

In-game Clash Royale notification for a Battlefy tournament. Tap to accept!

Reporting a Score for a Match

All matches initiated by the automated Battlefy system are reported automatically to the bracket. There is no need for players (or organizers) to report the score of a match.

Match scores authenticated via game server
A Battlefy match page displaying the status of the current game.

Checking Match Status

On the Battlefy match page, players will be able to see live-updating instructions reflecting the stage they’re at in their match.

Because the system is automated to send the next invite as soon as a game ends, a player can complete an entire match from solely within their Clash Royale app, without having to check back in the match page.

Auto-generated score reports for each Battlefy game.

Match Stats

The deck lists and tower damage are automatically recorded and available for every match. Feel free to share your victory with your friends, or use it for the production of your live broadcast. Did we mention that tiebreakers are managed automatically via Battlefy according to Clash Royale League standards? You’re welcome ❤

Spectating a tournament match

Spectate On-Going Matches Via Spectate Links

Want to check out a match that is on-going in your tournament? Any authorized member in an organization can grab a spectate link from any on-going match on Battlefy. The spectate link automatically opens your Clash Royale phone app and places you in the spectate mode for the game. Setting up matches to be broadcast just got way easier!

Thanks for reading! We hope you enjoy this product update. As always, let us know if you have any questions!

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