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Battlerite Complete Beginners Guide and Things You Should Know

Photo from Battlerite, a free-to-play game made by Stunlock Studios

So you heard of that new and cool game Battlerite and you’re tempted to try it. But maybe you would like to know a bit more about what it’s all about before downloading and hopping into it. Well, in that case, you’re in the right place! If you are already tried the game, well, that’s no problem at all since I’m sure you will find something useful here and there.

The goal of the game and combat system

The goal of the game is quite simple: the last man standing wins the round. Matches are played in a best-of-5 format, so the first team to win three rounds will win the match.
The combat system is fairly unique. Battlerite is a top-down arena brawler that may resemble a traditional MOBA to someone who never tried it. However, the combat system has a crucial difference from the usual MOBA one: it’s all about skill-shots! Every champion has a basic attack (M1), four other skills (M2, Q, E, Space), and three additional abilities that use energy to be cast. Also, there is no mana involved here, only a cooldown system.
In place of the usual mana, there’s energy (not used to cast your four normal abilities). At the beginning of the match, your energy pool is at 0% and hitting your abilities will cause it to raise up to 100%. At that point, you can consume your full energy bar to cast your ultimate ability (which has no cooldown but requires another full bar of energy to be cast!).
If you are still a bit confused or want to see an actual video demonstrating what the game looks like, you can check out the official gameplay trailer.

Tutorial and playground

The most important thing that you should do when you launch Battlerite for the first time is to play the tutorial. It will teach you about the basics of the game and, although it’s not really a comprehensive tutorial, you will get kick-started and ready to jump into a match.
If you don’t feel comfortable enough or you would like to play around a bit more with the champions before engaging in an actual fight against other players, I would suggest you check out the playground. In the playground, you can pick any champion, try the skills against target dummies and interact with the map.

Champion Roles

The champion roster is divided into three categories: melee, ranged, and support.


The melee role in Battlerite is not directly associated with being tanky as you may think if you are coming from other MOBA games. Sure, the health pool of those champions is usually a bit higher than those coming from another role, but that doesn’t mean that you can just jump into the fight and expect not to take damage at all. Why so you may ask? Simple. Unlike traditional MOBAs, there are no such things as “defense” and “attack” stats in this game. Each and every ability hits for a fixed amount of damage. No RNG. No items or power-ups. That being said, melees are much like your typical melee hero in most games: they usually have a gap closer, one or more escape abilities, some have a poke ability and so on. They usually have protection capabilities in the form of self-healing or shields.


Ranged champions are the ones that, well… attack from a distance, of course! They usually pack more damage than most melees do, be it burst or sustained. Nothing comes without a price, though. They are a little more squishy because of their slightly smaller health pool and difficulty to trade damage efficiently when being rushed close up. As opposed to melee champions, your aim here plays a much more important role because you need to hit your abilities at a distance (although most of them are telegraphed). Talking about their defensive capabilities, they have escape/mobility abilities just like the other roles. They also have a bit of self-healing and shields just like melee champions. Be sure to use your defensive cooldowns thoughtfully or you will end up in a bad situation!


Last but not least, support champions are capable to heal themselves and their teammates. Their kit is less about damage and more oriented towards crowd control. There are two kinds of supports: M1 healers which can heal with their basic attack when they hit their teammates and M2 healers which have their heal as a dedicated ability.
As of now, only 2 supports attack at the melee range while all others are ranged-based. Like with ranged champions, be careful not to waste your defensive cooldowns. Always try to make the most out of them whether you’re using them on yourself or on your teammates.

Levels, experience, rewards, and titles

After you play a match with a champion, you will get account and champion experience causing them to level up after you gather enough. For every level up, you will receive some rewards in the form of chests, battle coins, and avatars. More on that later!
Your account does not have a maximum level, potentially infinite rewards! On the other hand, a champion level will reach its cap at 20. After reaching level 20 on a champion, you will get their exclusive title.

Game modes and ranks

There are currently three types of game modes: 3v3, 2v2, and duel. While the latter is more of a fun mode (you don’t get to choose what champion you play in duels, it’s random), 3v3 and 2v2 are the main game modes on which the game is built around.
Whereas you can play both 2v2 and 3v3 as a solo player queueing up for Casual matches, if you want to queue up for League (ranked) you will only be able to play 3v3 mode as of now. There is also a mode where you can play against AI. Feel free to try out champions there if you don’t feel like going against other players yet.
The last game mode available is Private. It’s basically a match where you can invite other people (you can also play with/against bots) and choose custom rules for the match.
Talking about League matches (ranked), when you first hop into that mode, you will play ten placement matches that will serve the purpose of determining your skill level. After those, you will be assigned a rank and you will be able to rank up/down as you win/lose, just like any other ranking system. The ranks from bottom to top are Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Champion, and Grand Champion.
Lastly, you can team up with your friends, be them real-life or in-game, and queue up for some Casual/League matches. If you play League with your friends, the first five matches that you play will serve as placement. Remember that your solo queue rank is separated from your team’s rank. You also get a different rank for each different team you play with.

Chests and cosmetics

We all like those, right? But what kinds of cosmetics are available in Battlerite, you may ask. Quite a few, actually. You have a rather wide assortment of outfits, weapons, winning poses, mounts avatars, and titles at your disposal. And where can you find them? In chests of course! Different types of chests are available, some obtainable for free, some paying real money, but almost every skin can be found or purchased by just playing the game. You will learn more about earning chests and currencies in the next section.

Battle coins (aka gold), gems, tokens: what are those and what should you spend them on?

Let’s now have a quick look at the currencies available in this game. Note that you get a free champion from the start (Jade) and the available champion rotation changes every week (it’s different for every player) so you get the chance to try them out before buying them.

Battle coins

  • Used to buy champions and chests
  • You can get them from completing daily quests, by playing matches and as a reward for your daily login
  • Also used to buy the recolors of some legendary skins

I always suggest saving up on your coins, especially if you don’t plan to buy the all champions pack (you get all current and upcoming champions unlocked with this pack alongside a refund of all your coins spent buying champions). Unless you love all those sweet cosmetics that much, of course!


  • Used to buy outfits, weapons, and mounts
  • You can get them from chests or whenever you find a duplicate cosmetic

Not much to say here. They will add up over time and you’ll be finally able to buy that pretty skin you always wanted!


  • Just like battle coins, they are used to buy champions and cosmetics
  • You can only buy them with real money (you will get them back from buying the all champions pack just like battle coins)

Daily quests, events, sponsors, and achievements

There are two kinds of quests: daily and event. Event quests are only available during special events (e.g. Halloween, Christman, etc.) and for a limited time. On the other hand, though, you get one daily quest each day (duh). Be sure to sign under a sponsor before claiming the reward of your completed daily quest as those will award you with chests, cosmetics, and champions once you fill them. Finally, there are a lot of achievements that you can easily complete while you try out the game for additional rewards.

Replay system

Now, to one of my favorite features of this game, the replay system!

Whenever you play a match, be it Casual, League, Private, or whatever, a local copy of it will be saved. That way you will be able to review your gameplay, show off your beautiful plays, export a clip to your pc or even upload it to YouTube directly from the game!

Chat commands

It seems like we are coming to an end, so here it is the last golden nugget from today.
Ok, that you could open the chat by pressing Enter was pretty obvious, right? But you can only talk to your teammates from there! If you want to open the ALL chat so that the enemy team can read you, you need to press Shift+Enter.
Once you open the chat, you can also cycle through the various chat modes by repeatedly pressing TAB.
Tired of seeing people in your team fight over the chat? The enemy team got a nasty toxic player that’s ruining your day? Or maybe you’re just not in the mood to read what people have to say, you just want to sit back and enjoy a good ole Battlerite match! Totally fair. You can disable the chat anytime by typing /disablechat then pressing Enter and if you want to re-enable it, just type /enablechat. As simple as that.
If you only want to mute a player or two, you can type /mute player where player is the nickname of the player you want to mute.
If you want to send a whisper to someone while in a match you can type /whisper player then press Space and the chat will turn into a private conversation with the player whose name you typed in. If you already received a whisper from someone, you can use the fast reply shortcut by typing /r and pressing Space. Neat!
Lastly, you may want to check where the server you’re playing on is located, just type /region and you will know.

Thanks for stopping by. Cheers!



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