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Best Battlerite Champions for Beginners

Photo by Andrea Audenino, taken using Battlerite’s built-in video and photo export feature

Today I want to talk about a topic that seems to be really hot among beginners: what are the best champions to pick up when you just started playing the game?

Before continuing, I want to specify the reasons why most champions on this list are melee:

  • It’s easier to aim your abilities when you are in melee range
  • Because of the previous point, it’s easier to apply pressure with melee champions
  • Playing aggressively in lower brackets works wonders because newcomers are easily overwhelmed by such a playstyle
  • It’s easier to deal with enemy melees as a melee yourself when just starting out because you need to watch out for fewer things compared to ranged and support

Now that we cleared that point, let’s get into the list!


Raigon has a surprisingly good self-sustain and great dueling capabilities. His M2 is his main source of self-healing also being a cleave attack; its cooldown is also reduced for every M1 hit so it’s quite spammable. He got a strong tempo-destroying ability in his E that can also turn into a handy gap closer if you pick the recast rite. His Q is meant for parrying big spells and for quick melee suppression if you have the riposte rite. His Space is his main gap closer and iframe; good for repositioning yourself, punishing, and stealing the orb.

Let’s now have a look at energy-based abilities; if you don’t know what those are, you should check out my previous beginner’s guide where I explain what they are. His ultimate is good if you are in trouble and your defensive cooldowns are not available; it’s really good for punishing someone mispositioned and without outs; it becomes a lot weaker, though, if the damage is split among two or more targets. His EX-E is a really strong CC (incapacitate) that will help you further set back the pace of the match for the enemy team. And now for one of my favorite abilities in his kit: EX-M1. After using it, your next two M1 attacks will throw a slicing wind projectile that will do 10 damage, and heal you for 12 health per target hit. Really worth the energy it costs considering that you can even heal on objects like Blossom’s tree, Pestilus’ queen, and the orb. Finally, he has a big burst potential with his R (especially if you pick the recast rite).

Overall Raigon is a quite versatile, customizable, and fun champion to play. One of the strongest picks in low Elo mainly because of the reasons I listed earlier.


If you like to go ham this is your guy. His kit is really straightforward, notably because of his Space which is not an escape, but more of an engaging ability. The more distant you are the more damage his rush will do followed by a short stun; I suggest you always pick the rite that makes Rook activate berserk mode when you hit a target with his Space. His M2 is his only iframe that also applies a brief stun and an armor break debuff; just like Raigon’s M2, its cooldown will decrease for every M1 hit. His Q is a counter; if a projectile or a melee attack when he’s countering, he will turn to berserk mode which will increase his movement and attack speed for a couple of seconds. The last non-energy ability is his E: a big boulder that will displace any target it hits; useful for poking in the early stages of the round or repositioning the orb.

His ultimate is strong, but you need to use it only when you are sure that your opponents will not be able to hide behind walls because it will not go through them. EX-M1 is an amazing source of sustain granting you instant health plus a heal-over-time effect that can almost replenish all your recovery hp using just one energy bar. His R is the enabler of Rook’s infamous incapacitate > E > M2 combo; really useful to disable your opponents and just a good combo enabler overall. Finally, EX-M2 is a very situational skill to use because you usually get more value from your regular M2; it can be used to steal the orb or to catch/slow an enemy who is running away.

Just like Raigon, Rook is wreaking havoc among newcomers because they are easily overwhelmed by aggression.


The third champion on this list is one of the two melee supports in this game. Sirius’s M1 will charge-up over time; when fully charged your next M1 will be empowered inflicting a weaken debuff and more damage. He falls under the category of M2 healers; his M2 can also heal through walls. His Space is the only unconditional escape in his kit; it deals AoE damage where he lands so it will not trigger counters and reflects. The other defensive ability is his Q, a counter that when triggered will let you teleport you to a location of your choice within a certain range; it will also fully recharge your weapon. On the CC side, his E is a petrify effect capable to stop aggression against your team, set up advantageous 3v2 or 3v1 situations if you manage to hit one or two people with it, or just slow down enemy aggression if needed.

Sirius finds a versatile ability in his R which is a forward dash that deals AoE damage and inflicts snare on each target hit. It can be used both as a gap closer and as an escape against AoE skills like Ashka’s Q. His ultimate is very strong when you catch people off guard and can turn the tide of the match in your favor; just keep in mind that it doesn’t hit through walls and your turning speed is slow when channeling. Try to use it when the enemies are not near you because otherwise, they can just walk away from it. Another great source of damage is the EX-M1 which fires off a crescent gale dealing 24 damage on hit. Last, in his kit, there is the EX version of the Space. It deals more damage than the regular Space and it also fully charges your weapon.

Sirius is a great pick if you would like to try the support role while still playing with an aggressive champion.


Now to the dark side of the spectrum for the most dreaded and hated ability in the game: stealth. That is the main reason why Croak is on this list; newcomers have an incredibly tough time playing around invisible champions.

Croak’s M1 has 4 charges that will recharge after you stop attacking for a little while; when the charges reach 0, his attack speed will decrease considerably. The first way to instantly recharge his weapon charges is Q, camouflage, which makes him turn invisible and get a fading haste buff; the first M1 you hit while in stealth will also briefly stun the target. The other way to recharge his weapon is Space; a leap that deals damage and can be recast within a limited time frame. If you use the first jump to engage remember that you may want to use your second one to disengage thus avoiding getting punished. Much like Sirius’ R, Croak’s E is a versatile forward dash; he goes through enemies while spinning without activating counters. To complete the circle let’s now take a look at his M2, a valuable ability that provides Croak with a reasonable amount of self-healing and poking capability. It first deals damage and heals you on hit, then it applies both a damage-over-time and a heal-over-time effect.

His ultimate applies a delayed damage effect that will explode after two seconds for 38 AoE damage; it also deals 12 damage before exploding. EX-Q is an amazing and essential ability in his kit because you can disable one person and switch to another one for maximum pressure; can also be used to set up some nasty combos with Jade, Ashka, or any other champion with a big stun in his kit. The last CC tool in his skillset is EX-M2, a spit projectile that will blind the target on hit possibly splitting up the enemy team for a few seconds. Next, there is his R which is a buff that empowers your M1 for a couple of seconds; useful when you need to sneak in some extra damage or self-healing.


I know what you may be thinking: “Isn’t Jade a ranged champion? You just told us that we are better off picking up a melee as beginners!”. That’s true, Jade is a ranged champion, but she’s a bit different from the rest. First, her M1 consists of multiple projectiles fired off with very little delay from one another so it should be easier to hit at least a part of them. Then we have again that crucial ability in her kit: stealth! Just like Croak, her Q is useful to get out of trouble or just reposition yourself. If the enemy is still on you after that, you can always Space away to get some room for breathing. Next up is her E, a fast projectile that inflicts spell block which turns into silence if triggered. And finally her M2, a long cast time piercing projectile that can break through the enemy recovery hp if you take the bonus damage rite; it also stuns each target hit. It’s a very good zoning tool and a good way to secure the orb; just be sure to cast it when you are not in danger or under pressure.

Her ultimate can be devastating even if you only hit 2 or 3 shots, but keep in mind that it triggers counters and reflects on a direct hit. EX-M2 is a short cast version of her Snipe that deals way less damage and inflicts root on each enemy hit; good for stealing the orb when the enemy melee is body blocking it and also for keeping up the pressure when you are focusing someone. Her EX-Q is an amazing tool to help your team trade better because it grants a shield to every ally in its range alongside an insane movement speed boost for yourself while in stealth. If you are still having trouble with those pesky melees, try to use your R to push them away instead of using your Space to get away; the more escapes you have off cooldown, the more survivability you have.

Closing thoughts

Like all things, we came to an end. I just want to point out that those are by no means the only champions that can be picked up by beginners. The only one who can figure out what works out best for yourself is you. If you don’t feel comfortable playing any of these champions, you should just try out other champions until you find something that clicks with you. Is there any champion that looks really strong or overpowered to you? Try it out! You may find your new main this way.

Thanks for stopping by. Cheers!



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