Georgia Hesse, Beloved Travel Writer & Editor, is Honored in Special March Issue of the BATW Online Magazine

With Mark Twain at Sunrise Senior Living in 2018. Photo courtesy Sunrise Senior Living San Francisco.

Legendary travel writer, editor, raconteur, mentor, and inspiration to all travel writers, Georgia Hesse passed away on February 4 in San Francisco at 88. In 1963, Georgia founded the Travel Section of the Hearst flagship San Francisco Examiner newspaper and crafted it into one of the country’s premier travel writing outlets. In Don George’s words, Georgia “adventured around the globe, producing passionate, erudite, pun-propelled stories that educated and enthralled hundreds of thousands of readers.” She continued to travel and write, teach, and lecture about travel writing after retiring in the early 1980s.

Following are links to six articles published in the March 2022 special memorial issue of BATW Travel Storiestwo tributes, and four classic Georgia stories, as well as Don George’s social media posts.

Remembering the Grande Dame of Travel Writing” by Carol Canter

Georgia Hesse: A Legend in Her Own Time” by Don George

Beginnings” by Georgia Hesse

Big Man Go Moon” by Georgia Hesse

On Top of the World” by Georgia Hesse

Night Boat to Macau” by Georgia Hesse

Georgia Hesse boards a flight on her way to her next adventure as a travel writer and editor for the San Francisco Examiner in the 1960s (Photo courtesy Georgia Hesse)

Don George’s social media posts:

Honoring Georgia Hesse: beloved travel writer, editor, mentor” — Facebook

Remembering Georgia Hesse, beloved travel writer and editor” — LinkedIn

Kudos to Carol Canter for inspiring this recognition of Georgia within the BATW community and a great big thank you for serving as co-editor of this special issue of the magazine.



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