Abbie Schmidt: 2016 Bay Commitment Recipient

Once Abbie discovered that she wanted to be a prison psychologist, she knew that the only path was to go to college and earn her degrees. Instead of letting that daunting task discourage her, Abbie uses her end goal as her motivation.

Abbie graduated from John Glenn High School in 2016 and used her Bay Commitment Scholarship to get her Associate in Criminal Justice — Corrections from Delta College. She had to rely heavily on financial aid and tuition assistance through Michigan’s Tuition Incentive Program (TIP). TIP is a state program geared toward helping Medicaid recipients attend college. She used Bay Commitment to pay for everything else she needed for school such as her books.

“I had no other way to pay for my books,” she said. “So without the scholarship, I wouldn’t have been able to continue my education.”

When she first started her degree, she had planned to be a corrections officer. She got a close view of the judicial system as a child when her father overdosed on drugs. She wanted a way to help inmates rise up out of their situations.

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After gaining valuable experience working at TRI-CAP in Saginaw, she realized she would rather work alongside the inmates than be on the disciplinary side.

Abbie also works at Dow in emergency services and security as a co-op through Delta College, a position she can keep for up to six years while she is still in school. She’ll continue studying psychology at Saginaw Valley State University (SVSU) and ultimately pursue a doctorate degree.

With one degree under her belt, and a strong ambition to earn two more, we are certain Abbie will do great things for this community. Her advice to students just entering post-secondary education is to “hit it off running, and just keep going.”

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With her associate degree in corrections, Abbie now works for Dow in emergency services and security as well as at TRI-CAP in Saginaw. She is pursuing a bachelor’s degree at SVSU.