Bayer’s IT College New Hire Program Class of 2016

By Lisa Vatavuk, Assistant Analyst II, ITO, Bayer U.S.

I graduated college, what do I do next? How do I figure out what position I will be a good fit for? Starting a new career can be overwhelming. The number of possible career paths is seemingly endless; for someone with limited experience, setting your professional goals feels like climbing Mt. Everest. Luckily, I was fortunate enough to start my career through Bayer IT’s College New Hire (CNH) Program.

About the College New Hire Program

Annually, Bayer’s IT organization is committed to hiring recent graduates through the College New Hire program. Applicants are screened and chosen after an interview process. Bayer’s Talent Management group then matches participants with positions based on their interests. Participants enter into a 6 to 9 month rotation on that team before rotating to a second team thereby gaining experience to help determine where they’d like to work.

Between my internship and College New Hire rotations, I had the opportunity to work with five different teams at Bayer. During my internship, I supported three of Bayer’s server teams. During my first CNH rotation, I worked on pull print deployment and support. My favorite activity was deploying new pull print systems to various Bayer sites because I got to work with people from all over North and South America. During my second CNH rotation, I worked to implement a new system for orders Bayer receives.

This was an amazing experience for a number of reasons. First, working on five completely different teams gave me a great understanding about how Bayer operates. Knowing the ins and outs of many different aspects of Bayer is beneficial because you can call on your past knowledge to help in your future projects.

Another great benefit of the program is the rotations help your network grow. Working on many different teams means working with many different people, learning about many different viewpoints and gaining many different friends who can help you in the future.

Finally, the best part about the College New Hire program (in my opinion) is the way it helps you determine where you fit in at Bayer. Working on different teams allows you to see where you enjoy working and where you would be good fit. As you gain experience, you can set career goals based on this information.

Personally, the rotations definitely gave me a greater understanding about what I want to work on. Because I worked on a wide range of different projects, I determined where my passions lie and where I would be content. I loved my time on Bayer’s UNIX/Linux team during my internship, making this my number one pick for a permanent position. Luckily a position was available for me. Since that time, I have become involved in a project to develop Bayer’s Cloud environment, and I’m now transitioning to a Cloud Developer role. I’m very happy with the direction my career is going and I owe my experience, and also my peace of mind, to the Internship and College New Hire Program.

I always encourage interns and those graduating from college to apply to the College New Hire program. It’s an incredible opportunity to gain knowledge not only about the company, but also about yourself. Being a College New Hire has made me the person I am today and I will always be thankful for the way my experiences in the program helped shape my career path.

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