15 Tips To Ace the CKAD and CKA Exam

A must-read for those who want to take these exams

Bhargav Bachina
Jan 27 · 6 min read
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Kubernetes is an open-source system for automating deployment, scaling, and management of containerized applications. This is one of the technologies almost every company is implementing or trying to adopt nowadays. The Linux Foundation offers two certifications on this technology: Certified Kubernetes Application Developer (CKAD) and Certified Kubernetes Administrator (CKA). I recently took both exams. A lot of people reached out to me and asked for tips. So, I wanted to share tips that are helpful while preparing the exam and during the exam as well.

1. Practice

For the CKA exam, Along with the CKAD preparation you need to understand how to create a multi-node cluster and how to switch between clusters, debugging a failure node, Taints, and tolerations, RBAC Authentication, etc are very important.

2. Practice Practice Practice

3. Always remember to change your cluster

4. Kubernetes The Hard Way

5. Use Kubectl every time

// create YAML with dry-run flag
kubectl run nginx --image=nginx --restart=Never --dry-run -o yaml > nginx-pod.yaml
// cat nginx-pod.yaml
apiVersion: v1
kind: Pod
creationTimestamp: null
run: nginx
name: nginx
- image: nginx
name: nginx
resources: {}
dnsPolicy: ClusterFirst
restartPolicy: Never
status: {}
// create a pod
kubectl create -f nginx-pod.yaml

6. Use the Kubectl cheatsheet

7. Try to avoid editing YAML files

8. Skip questions you are not familiar

9. Get familiar with Kubectl explain

kubectl explain

10. Get familiar with Kubernetes Documentation

11. Practice Kubernetes Tasks at least one time

12. Use the resources

13. Keep pass percentage in mind

CKA: You have 24 questions to complete in 3 hours. Remember the pass percentage for this exam is 74% so you need to target that mark first. Just try to complete familiar problems as fast as possible to reach this mark.

14. Spend time depends on the weight of the question

15. Don’t afraid to use your free retake


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BB Tutorials & Thoughts

Tutorials Ranging from Beginner guides to Advanced | Never Stop Learning

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