Practice Enough With These 150 Questions for the CKAD Exam

Exercises get you ready for the Certified Kubernetes Application Developer exam

Bhargav Bachina
Bachina Labs
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21 min readNov 11, 2019


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Kubernetes is an open-source system for automating deployment, scaling, and management of containerized applications. The CNCF/Linux Foundation offers this performance-based exam which targets the developer aspect of kubernetes skills such as deploying apps, configuring apps, rolling out the application, creating persistent volumes, etc.

Since this exam is performance-based rather than just multiple choice questions just knowing the concepts are not enough, we need a lot of practice before the exam. This article helps you understand, practice and get you ready for the exam.

We are not going to discuss any concepts here, rather, I just want to create a bunch of practice questions for the CKAD exam based on the curriculum provided here.

  • Core Concepts (13%)
  • Multi-Container Pods (10%)
  • Pod Design (20%)
  • State Persistence (8%)
  • Configuration (18%)
  • Observability (18%)
  • Services and Networking (13%)

Core Concepts (13%)

Practice questions based on these concepts

  • Understand Kubernetes API Primitives
  • Create and Configure Basic Pods
  1. List all the namespaces in the cluster
kubectl get namespaceskubectl get ns

2. List all the pods in all namespaces

kubectl get po --all-namespaces

3. List all the pods in the particular namespace

kubectl get po -n <namespace name>

4. List all the services in the particular namespace

kubectl get svc -n <namespace name>

5. List all the pods showing name and namespace with a json path expression

kubectl get pods -o=jsonpath="{.items[*]['', 'metadata.namespace']}"