Halloween Costumes That Totally Rock

We make a big deal out of Halloween.

From pumpkin bowling to office trick-or-treating, Benefits by Design knows how to celebrate the “fun-side” of Halloween (more treats than tricks here, I promise). One of the favourite events of the day is an office costume contest. Every year, employees secretly plan costumes for the big day — and the results are amazing! Here are a few Halloween costumes that totally rock (and are office appropriate):

Pokemon Trainer

Melissa Lougheed as a Pokemon Trainer

Why This Costume Rocks

For 2016, what costume is more culturally relevant than a Pokemon Go trainer? The Pokemon Go app was released in the summer of 2016 to a lot of excitement and flurry of activity for Pokemon fans and those looking for more ways to introduce wellness into their daily lives. While the trend has substantially died down, this costume reminds us of the fan craze.

What Went Into Making the Costume

A couple of trips to the dollar store, a hot glue gun, markers, paint and help from your 11 year old (who yes, still plays Pokemon Go).

Nordic Viking (from the movie “How to Train Your Dragon”)

Misty Knapp as a Viking from the movie “How to Train Your Dragon”

Why This Costume Rocks

When your kids want to dress up like characters from a movie — you do it. And when they want to dress up like dragon-riding vikings, you do so willingly. For those of you who have not seen the movie, “How to Train Your Dragon” is the heartwarming story of Hiccup a viking and his dragon Toothless — make sure you have Kleenex easily on hand.

What Went Into Making the Costume

A trip to Fabricland, multiple trips to the dollar store, lots of sewing, spray painting and hours upon hours of work.


Marie Clarke as a gypsy

Why This Costume Rocks

Gypsies are portrayed as artsy, romantic, nomadic wanderers. They have a finely attuned sense of the universe and is the perfect costume for those who have an artsy side. A crystal ball is not required to tell you that this costume is a hit.

What Went Into Making the Costume

Rooting for the perfect outfit, that was both easy and effortless to put together. Complete with the perfect makeup that shows off an evil and artsy side.

Undead Insurance Salesman

Mike McClenahan as the Undead Insurance Agent

Why This Costume Rocks

Besides the concept of this costume being a play on the industry, it also combines two office favourites: the undead and our own business. A repurposed “end of days suit” salvaged before it hit the trash can and a zombie-esque stare gives this costume it’s edge.

What Went Into Making the Costume

Suit, fake blood, and a fake insurance certificate went into completing this look.

Garth from Wayne’s World

Nicole Cerhit as Garth from Wayne’s World

Why This Costume Rocks

“Can I still be Garth?” This costume rocks — literally! Besides being a cult favourite, this former SNL skit turned iconic big-screen movie makes for a great party starter costume. Party on, excellent!

What Went Into Making the Costume

A trip to Value Village and natural blonde locks complete this look.


Darcy Shea as the beloved children’s favourite — Arthur

Why This Costume Rocks

A costume based on a beloved children’s series definitely rocks! Besides being office appropriate, it brings back nostalgic feelings from childhood — who doesn’t recall stories about the adventures of Arthur (and who in their childhood did not own a yellow pullover?)

What Went Into Making the Costume

Purchased the quintessential yellow pullover sweater, dollar store glasses and bear ears made our of foam paper complete the look.

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