I’m Keeping the Print Industry Alive …

I may be one of the few people keeping the print magazine industry alive.

I receive an (almost) weekly issue from Macleans magazine — a Canadian news periodical. It started out as a gift from my in-laws (possibly one of the best gifts ever — thanks Mike and Sue). Every summer at the cottage I would devour their old issues of Macleans. I would flip through these magazines and become familiar with various reporters and feature columns. So when stumped for a potential birthday gift, a Macleans subscription was a natural fit!

One day, I was reading through my weekly Macleans magazine when I stumbled on a local Kingston, Ontario company highlighted in one of the business profiles. I had recently relocated to Kingston, and was hot on the hunt for a local job. It was almost serendipitous that Benefits by Design (BBD) appeared (literally) before my eyes.

The profile on BBD highlighted one of the cool things they offer — sustainable transportation in the form of a shared bike. Each office has one bike that employees can use to run errands on their lunch or just use as a part of leading an active workday.

Full disclosure — cycling is not really my thing. So the actual bike wasn’t what drew me towards BBD, it was the gesture of the bike that really struck me — the fact that a company cared enough about the health and wellbeing of their employees that they had permanently allocated space on their office floor to a bike that anyone could use. I mean, how cool is that?

It would take a few years before the perfect job opened up for me at BBD — ironically in a department that has me working with yet, another print magazine. And, while I still have to take the BBD bike out for a spin, it serves as a daily reminder to myself that I work for an amazing company — and that you can find community in the strangest places.

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