Pokemon Go is not gone

Ryan, my husband and I started playing Pokemon Go as soon as it was released. I was enticed into it by him asking me if I wanted to go on walks or for picnics. I thought it was just a nice date day, little did I know that he was taking me to Pokemon hot spots with dozens of other players where we would hang out. Sure he brought a picnic, but after watching them all playing, I had to download it myself.

After that point I was hooked, I loved getting outside and going for more walks. I loved the excitement that came with a shadowed Pokemon (something I didn’t have) that we could track down and add to my Pokedex. I loved the challenge of catching the rare and hard to tame Pokemon.

Does anyone still play?

Yes! I think the game is still popular due to the new releases to the game. Adding in the second generation and the promise of generation 3 coming soon. Niantic has constantly added new events and enhancements to the game as well. During Halloween for example they had an influx of ghost type characters to catch and during Valentines day all of the pink pokemon. It gives you the chance to get out and catch the rare guys you still don’t have.

Most recently, adding in Gym Raids is a massive enhancement. A gym is a location in the real world that has a battleground in the game. You can go and battle against other teams to take possession of the gym and earn more free pokemon coins. And with Gym Raids they have released hard to catch or “Legendary” pokemon that you team up with all players to battle down and then hopefully catch them for your collection. I also feel like a lot of the perceptions from people not playing have been resolved. Being concerned about the lack of focus for cars or walking off cliffs, etc… it just wasn’t the issue people thought it was.

What does Pokemon Go DO for a person?

I definitely get out more. We go for more walks. We experience more locations and places in our city as well as other cities. It is amazing to me how much you can learn from the information in the game. There are things called a Poke Stop that are random locations in the real world that have a disc in the game you can spin to obtain more items. These poke stops are usually placed where a sign is located in your city and if you actually click on them in the game they can sometimes give you some neat information about where you are. I have learned a lot about my city’s history doing this.

The game has also made me more social. My husband and I are part of some local chats (on Facebook or Whats App) where we can see where other players are heading and we can meet up and do in game raids/challenges together. We have met a whole new bunch of people playing this game.

Where would someone start, if they wanted to — today?

I would say to download it. Give it a try. You play your game at your speed. You don’t need to keep up with anyone you can just enjoy the game for whatever aspect you are looking for. The people who play, at least around me, are all super friendly and love getting together for Raids. We are always looking for more players to come help us out!

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