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Apr 9, 2020 · 5 min read

Bokus Play

If you love audiobooks, you will love Bokus Play.

And yes, it counts as reading.

Although print books are still the most popular format for reading, audiobook use is on the rise and is growing faster than any other format, including print and e-books. There are many reasons audiobooks have become such a popular choice among book-lovers, from their incredible convenience to their ability to elicit powerful emotions and beyond. It has been an amazing period for audiobook adoption and a lot of that can be attributed to the growth of smartphone use. Lately, due to COVID-19 we’ve, not surprisingly, seen a spike in usage.

Bokus Play is where it happens, and it happens around the clock! Bokus Play offers audiobooks and e-books — and an efficient way of finding your next read. It encourages the joy of discovery by guiding the users to their next listen. Every book has related books and there is no end to the rabbit hole. If the book you’re looking for is available then you’ll find it in the app. Want to save it for later? — Add it to the bookshelf. No connection? No problem. Bokus Play works offline. Add books and make changes to your bookshelf without a connection. It’ll get automatically synced later.

What makes it better than the competition? — It’s one of the most thoroughly designed audiobook streaming experiences there are and has no loading times whatsoever.

Bygg din Volvo

Buying a car could easily become a complex experience. We’re making it easy to find your Volvo by guiding you through the technical lingo and 3 billion possible configurations. This is the first interaction with a Volvo car dealership that many people experience — and we have aimed to make it a pleasant one. That’s why 80% of Volvo car buyers use the “Bygg Din Volvo” configurator [Download for iOS, Android] before purchase. So, if you have some time over during Easter, try it out!

With our configurator, you can get your Volvo just the way you want it — and you can easily get started with your Volvo build. Choose a model and see current offers. Choose ready-made packages or configure yourself. Compare color, rims, and styling for the exterior or compare upholstery and styling for the interior. Select the engine and gearbox and read about the options. Add extra equipment and accessories. A great pastime for car lovers.

Whenever you need a nudge in the right direction we connect you to local experts that help answer your questions right away. Or you could send the car you built to any Volvo dealer to have it ready in a jiff.

TUI Bamseklubben

Bamse is not only Scandinavia’s most beloved cartoon, but also famously known for being the world’s strongest bear. He is for Scandinavian kids growing up what Mickey Mouse is to the world.

Bamse and TUI have been teaming up since 1983, making the “Bamseklubben” (The Bamse Club / TUI Kids Club) a deciding factor for many Nordic families for decades. That’s how the idea of taking out the most memorable parts of a holiday resort experience and turning them into a game came to life. A game that would increase Bamse’s appreciated presence outside the resort and tie a stronger bond with the families throughout the year.

Although the world seems to stand still this Easter and we aren’t traveling, the children could still dream and enjoy this digital manifestation of past holiday experiences.

Bamseklubben app is an arranged set of activities at the resort for kids aged 3–5 where they can play, dance, sing and learn together with Bamse — whenever they want! They could, amongst other things, build their own sandcastle, see Bamse’s films from TUI Family Life, or help Bamse find his lost possessions.

In order to create a kid-centric design, we first needed to put our grown-up thinking aside and start thinking like a small child: “What you see is what you understand”. Designing gameplay for young kids proved even more challenging than for adults as they won’t even blink a second to stay out of something that doesn’t appeal to them.

Toddlers are born mobile native, they know how to unlock a phone before they can talk and therefore see technology as a tool for expression, experimentation, and communication. Studies show that children who play video games for up to an hour a day are less hyperactive, more social and happier than those who don’t play at all. It could also be a great way of interacting with your kid/kids.


The Swedish Armed Forces have been training soldiers for hundreds of years and have a philosophy that you can train everywhere at any time. Now it’s time to share the knowledge. In order for more people to take part in the Swedish Armed Forces’ unique method of training their personnel — using only what the body and nature provide, the training club FMTK was launched together with a training app [Download for iOS, Android]. FMTK has been #1 in both App Store and Google Play and been awarded ”Best New App” and ”Editor’s Choice” in AppStore.

The training is suitable for both those who want to prepare for admission to basic military training and those who are already working out or want to get started. All you need is your body, a little will and a place to be. Your home? A garden perhaps?

Welcome to the club.

It contains an exercise bank, and you’ll find instructional films and descriptions for more than 450 exercises that require no gear. A new workout is released every day. But you can also choose from a large number of exercises from the exercise bank.

The app has several different training programs that you can follow. A program is ongoing for an extended period of time and may be linked to a specific part of the Armed Forces’ operations.

From time to time, you will encounter various challenges. Compare with your friends who can handle them best. Pair yourself with your training buddies to be able to motivate, recommend, and compare statistics with each other.

From all of us at BBH Stockholm — We’re wishing you joy, health, and serenity this Easter. Stay safe and distanced.


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