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Future-proofing a smarter Customer Experience

BBH Stockholm
Mar 15, 2019 · 5 min read
Illustration by Adam Lindfors

It takes time, talent, and attention to harvest great ideas into the design of a Digital Service. The Digital Experience should match your business goals, tap into distinct user needs and have legs to travel and adapt over time. Thus, with the purpose of future-proofing a smarter Customer Experience.

For the latter, in order to future proof your service, product, experience, or whatever you prefer to call it, you’d most certainly be better off if you already today were to focus on the changes in customer behavior that might happen in the near future.

In essence, you need to figure out how to stimulate the flexibility and adaptability of the environment to always be able to stay ahead and cater to changing attitudes towards your provided service. Through clever customer experience design, you can prepare for this already today, rather than tomorrow.

Below are three Digital Experiences that BBH Stockholm has built where much consideration has been made in developing the concept with tomorrow’s customer demands in mind.

Each of these 3 companies’ customers will logarithmically demand more tomorrow than they have demanded today, as they’ll put more emphasis on a more personalised, more automated, but yet simple experience. The customer will be faced by a mobile application in all its simplicity, but behind the neat user experience is advanced tech. Stuff that the customer really doesn’t care about. But fact remains, Tech has the power of simplifying your life while providing you with the most valuable thing there is — a bit of extra time.

Here’s a One minute video explaining more:

We’ll go into the details of these three mobile solutions below by going through the brief; what we were tasked with, the execution; how it unfolded, and the impact.


Download it on App Store or Google Play.

Brief — Tomorrow’s restaurant guests want a more personal and customized experience. Enhance the experience for both restaurants and guests, and build an Uber for dining out that makes it easier for anyone to become a regular.

Execution — We built a platform that enhances the customer experience and that jacks into the restaurants point-of-sales system. After the customer has dined, payments are being taken care of automatically. But more importantly, the customer gets to speak directly to the waiter through the client facing application and will be able to greet you by name when you enter the restaurant and by then already knows your preferences.

Impact — Maitres has created better conditions for both restaurants and guests while enhancing the restaurant experience. The service taps into the needs and demands from the customers of tomorrow while providing them with a big ‘WOW’ when they ‘get’ it. 1000+ customers dining with the service, monthly. SEK 1200 monthly average spending.


Download it on App Store or Google Play.

Brief — Build a configurator that leads to the customer all the way to purchase while saving them valuable time. Tomorrow’s customers will interact with the car dealership differently.

Execution — We have created a suit of intelligent services that does the heavy lifting for Volvo’s customers. Sign and send your customised configuration order straight to the factory from the summary view with an all-inclusive monthly deal. The experience is humble, crisp and to the point. Stripped from unnecessary bling and executed with the same premium feel and human-centered approach that is, and forever will be the core of Volvo Cars.

Impact — 80%+ of all Volvo’s customers use the car configurator pre-purchase, while if we look at the entire Swedish population 8% has used the configurator. The platform allowed the first car ever in Sweden to be ordered through the service.


Download on App Store or Google Play.

Brief ­– The automated home is here. Tomorrow’s customers expect domestic services to be automated too. Help us take the leading digital position in the industry by offering the best digital domestic services.

Execution — The new Hemfrid experience takes the existing and outdated model of domestic services and makes it as fast and simple as sending a text message. Hemfrid marks the inception of how the homes of tomorrow will feel and play in an always-on world where immediacy is the new norm and time becomes the new social capital.

Impact — We’ve created a digital ecosystem

that will improve the way people live and have set the standard of how a home takes care of itself. We have digitised the way thousands of co-workers manage schedules, receive instructions and communicate with their clients and managers, while on the consumer side we’ve introduced a brand new way for tens of thousands of customers to place a booking, give instructions and pay in an incredibly easy way. The service is newly released and while it has been well received in the market the metrics are not yet official.

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