60,000+ Units and other even bigger numbers!

Everyone loves data these days so lets share some numbers for you to crunch…

Technicians are busy installing all the kits.

BBOXX has manufactured over 64,600 Smart internet connected products.

In other words that’s:

  • 3.2 MW of Manufactured Energy Production Capacity. (Thats 3.2 Million BBOXX LED Light Bulbs!)
  • 13 MWH of potential energy storage.
  • 387,600 data uploads from SMARTSolar Kits every day.
  • 1.5 Million hours of SMARTSolar Kit usage recorded each day.
  • 64 GB of telemetry data stored each month.

At BBOXX we love data and we are constantly panning for golden data nuggets. Check in regularly for more stats and insights.