[Week3 - Where is this, in Ankara?]

Team Members: Alper Adil Çetinkaya, Esme Şule Alp

Unfortunately this week was particularly tiresome and busy thus neither of our members haven’t had any time to spare for this project. This is to be expected when one is working on multiple projects as a student; but this shouldn’t be considered a negative occation as the week in our minds is not yet over. We did schedule for tomorrow and Tuesday to work on a clear plan and get things settled out. Once we are done with that and after the meeting on Wednesday we will immidiately start working on collecting our data all while preparing our progress report. So despite this setback we feel overall we are in a good position. That’s all for this week, this is all we have to share, hopefully next time we can share more promising news. We feel that these blogs are intended for a more transparent relationship and so we will continue to keep you all informed on our progress, both the good, the bad as well as the unexpected. See you next week…

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