BBOD Blockchain Workshop in Cambridge: Ethereum 2.0 explained by Justin Drake

Watch our video coverage from BBOD hosted prominent Ethereum developers who provided excellent lectures on Ethereum 2.0 and Hybrid Blockchain Application.

After watching this video you will learn:

✔️How is the impact of upcoming Ethereum 2.0 on the price of Ether ? —

✔️How the hybrid blockchain application may be applied to the financial industry.

Justin Drake


🎤 [Aki Moritani — Head of BBOD Japan]

🎤 [Piotr Arendarski, Ph.D — Co-Founder of BBOD ]

🎤 [Ivo Zielinski — BBOD Blockchain Developer ] The blockchain researcher at BBOD specialized in the hybrid application of the Ethereum blockchain.

🎤 [Justin Drake — Ethereum Foundation ] The researcher at the Ethereum Foundation, BA MMath Mathematics, The University of Cambridge.

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