BBOD Release Plan — Update

BBOD is ready to onboard our first clients. You can register at BBOD and start testing the platform.

Initially, we have decided to launch our demo (testnet) as we believe that the demo launch is essential to test the trading platform in a sandbox environment before launching the private beta.

The demo version is intended principally for learning the BBOD platform in a simulated environment where traders can familiarize themselves with the platform as well as test different strategies.

The demo version mirrors the real market environment and stream live prices for all our cryptocurrency pairs. Traders accounts will be equipped with virtual TUSD and BBD deposits. The settlement on the blockchain and depositing real cryptocurrency is switched off in the demo version. The mobile version will be available in the next release of the demo version, which will be announced soon.

We look forward to your input and participation in the demo of the platform and welcome any feedback (errors or suggestions for improvement) to help us on our journey to become the most advanced cryptocurrency futures trading platform in the industry!

release: v_0.1.32_demo

To test BBOD Demo please go to the website: and click the ‘Testnet’ button.

Demo (Testnet): 28th February 2019:

  • Available for all traders.

Private Beta: Q1/2019:

  • Available only for top traders and funds, that we have been contacting directly.
  • The private beta will also be available for all BBOD Telegram community members. BBOD representatives will contact all current BBOD Telegram community members to provide them with credentials to receive an invitation to the private beta.

Official Public Launch:

  • Available for all traders once the private beta finishes.

Our main focus now is to additionally stress test the settlement on the blockchain. We’re finishing up some key user interface features to provide you with an exceptional trading experience.

Once again, we are extremely sorry for any inconvenience caused so far by unexpected delays but we want to ensure the platform is functioning to the highest of industry standards.

Stay up to date on the BBOD public launch by joining our community on Telegram:

Thank you for understanding. For any other questions or concerns, please contact us at

The BBOD Team


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The Official Blog of BBOD Exchange offering high-speed, on-chain futures trading