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Binance academy 答題賺幣

Binance academy learn-and-earn answers

2022/04/06 新增 COTI、QTUM、ONE

進行中:〔 COTI 〕|〔 QTUM 〕|〔 ONE

※ 題目與答案均無固定順序或位置,因此請自己尋找與對照。


按下 Redeem 按鈕就會把獎勵送到你的幣安帳戶現貨錢包裡面囉~


獎勵:Earn 4.5 COTI
  • How does COTI keep its transaction fees low?
    ➔ All are correct
  • How can I earn rewards from the COTI ecosystem?
    ➔ Deposit native COTI into the Treasury.
  • What is COTI?
    ➔ A layer-1 blockchain ecosystem designed for payments.
  • Which type of consensus algorithm is used in the COTI network?
    ➔ PoT (Proof of Trust).
  • COTI is powering Djed, which is ____ first algorithmic stablecoin.
    ➔ Cardano’s.
  • Select the network(s) in which COTI operates.
    ➔ All are correct
  • The Treasury distributes rewards to COTI holders based on fees collected from:
    ➔ All of COTI’s products, including Treasury, COTI Pay Business, Djed, and more
  • What does COTI MultiDAG enable?
    ➔ The issuance of tokens on top of the Trustchain protocol.

💰 Qtum (QTUM)

獎勵:$1 QTUM
  • Holding QTUM allows you to vote on proposals. True or false?
    ➔ True
  • Qtum combines:
    ➔ 「Smart Contract capabilities」+「UTXO accounting」(複選題)
  • QTUM holders can delegate their UTXOs behind Staker Stakers through:
    ➔ Offline staking
  • You can purchase QTUM on Binance by:
    ➔ All are correct
  • When did the Qtum mainnet launch?
    ➔ September 2017
  • Block rewards are split between:
    ➔ Ten Super Stakers
  • When delegating Qtum behind a Super Staker, a user must:
    ➔ Provide their wallet address to a Super Staker
  • Qtum’s Account Abstraction Layer is designed to:
    ➔ Combine UTXO accounting with smart contract capabilities

💰 Harmony (ONE )

獎勵: 7.5 ONE
  • How many DAOs does Harmony aim to fund in the future?
    ➔ 10,000
  • What makes up the yearly reward at Harmony?
    ➔ Issuance + transaction fees
  • What is Harmony’s yearly network reward to validators?
    ➔ 441 million tokens
  • How much grant will Harmony provide to new projects through the Harmony Ecosystem Fund?
    ➔ $300 Million
  • Harmony has created bridges for which chains?
    ➔ All are correct
  • Which of these DAOs have been funded by Harmony?
    ➔ All are correct
  • Which technologies does Harmony implement to achieve scalability without sacrificing security?
    ➔ Sharding and Effective Proof of Stake.
  • What consensus mechanism does Harmony use?
    ➔ Effective Proof Of Stake
  • Why should tokens have a finite supply?
    ➔ To avoid inflation and incentivize token appreciation



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