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ACDX Rebrands to

Matching up to the evolution in the crypto derivative products

We are now

BBS, Bull Bear Strike Token, is the world’s first crypto structured product. It combines the features of perpetual features and options trading. In brief, you can trade with leverage with capped risk.

We have launched BBS trading in January 2021. Since then, it has become our top trading product. BBS has no complex calculations. Unlike futures, it has a clear liquidation level. BBS is best for traders who prefer leveraging and appreciate simplicity.

As the crypto space evolves, derivatives has become a sophisticated term linked only to sophisticated traders. However, our mission is to bring more traders into derivatives with simple products. It is time to evolve our brand to amplify what we stand for. And our key product is the best representation for us.

With a new brand, we will continue to offer more listings of BBS tokens and a better trading experience. Our commitment to derivatives innovation will not change regardless of how we are branded. carries over most features into the new site. To create a simple, easy-to-use trading medium, we removed the redundant functions. E.g. the idea of collateral is no longer present. We want to keep everything simple. Trading derivatives should be as easy as trading spot.

Our decision of cutting out perpetual futures is data-driven. Instead of misusing resources on an inactive product, we shift our focus to what the market prefers.

The rebranding highlights the latest milestone in our strategy to develop a consumer-centric, unique product, delivering greater simplicity and efficiency.


-- is the world’s first exchange offering crypto structured products.

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