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ACDX Weekly Digest (26 Mar 2021)

Hello ACDX supporters,

One Minute ACDX BBS —BBS Calculator
Learn how to use the BBS​ calculator to estimate the PnL! Presented by LeRae in the third episode of the One Minute ACDX BBS Series.

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1 min watch

APY Change in ACXT Staking Programs (March 2021)

To further stabilize the value of our native token ACXT, the APY for the ACXT staking programs are adjusted.

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2 min read

22 Newly Launched BBS

A new batch of BBS is now available! Tips on choosing a BBS: start by selecting a KO level, which is the risk protection level for your BBS.

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1 min read

ACDX Backs Launch of Venture Capital Fund

Overwhelmed by the success of supporting DigiCol, we’re unboxing the launch of AC Ventures — actively investing in blockchain and crypto startups to further expand the ACXT ecosystem.

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