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List Your Project on ACDX for Free

Celebrating our token launch, we invite blockchain projects to apply for listing their tokens against ACXT, at no cost

Why Free Listing

The launch of our governance token ACXT is imminent.

As we see it, the ACXT launch symbolizes the official launch of our exchange.

We’re out of beta and ready to roll.

We have thought of a lot of different ways to celebrate the launch of our token. And we’ve finally come up with an idea, an idea that allows us to give back and grow our community, and connect to all crypto enthusiasts out there.

Free listing — That’s what we’re proposing.

How It Works

We welcome any blockchain project to apply for the listing on ACDX. For the interests of our users, we have quite a vigorous review process. Our listing criteria include (but not limited to):

  • community
  • project objective
  • token model
  • ecosystem

After a preliminary review, our team will pick a few of the best projects for a community listing vote.

The project(s) that gets the most number of votes will be listed against ACXT in our spot trading market.


Send an email to by 27th November 2020 with the following information.

  1. Email Subject: ACXT Pair Listing Application — [Your Project Name]
  2. Please introduce yourself
  3. Please introduce your project
  4. Your project’s white paper and website
  5. Size of your community and social channels
  6. Other exchanges your token already listed on (if any)

Our team will carefully consider the applications. Please understand that we may not be able to reply to all emails as we expect a large number of applications.



-- is the world’s first exchange offering crypto structured products.

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