BCDiploma: CTO’s vision

Vincent Langard — CTO at Blockchain Certified Data

According to your background, you’re an expert in integrating solutions into the information systems of higher education schools. What are your experiences?

After a technical training combining development, systems and networks at Supinfo Paris, I started my career as a developer with software publishers, in the Web sector and then in the retail sector. My mission was to design and develop secure data exchange protocols. Attracted by software publishing, I joined an ERP publisher for the higher education sector, where I quickly became a technical director and architect. Within this framework, I designed, deployed, secured and integrated ERP solutions in the information systems of a hundred engineering and business schools. Finally, as part of the BCDiploma project, I recently participated in its development and audited the smart contract solidity of the Initial Token Sale of BCDiploma.

What motivated the creation of the “Blockchain Certified Data” company, and the proposal of the BCDiploma solution to schools?

When deploying ERPs in schools, I observe that the issue of certification of diplomas comes up regularly. CIOs are attentive to the ease of administration and use, the lack of dependency on service providers, the durability of stored data and the overall cost of the solution over time. Current solutions, whether with traditional centralized technical approaches or more recently with blockchain, are struggling to meet these expectations. Higher education actors are waiting for a standard adapted to their mode of operation and are very carefully observing blockchain experiments.
Together with with Luc Jarry-Lacombe, we created Blockchain Certified Data because the level of maturity of the Ethereum blockchain, combined with a high level of cryptography, allows us to offer a solution that meets those expectations. Our expertise in the field of higher education enables BCDiploma to innovate both in its business and technical approach.

What is Blockchain Certified Data’s vision?

The BCDiploma solution is the first use case of our EvidenZ framework, designed to certify small data on Ethereum and perfectly adapted to the certification of diplomas. It is based on the following founding concepts:

Data First

The data (example: Name / First name / First name / Date of birth / Date of graduation / Diploma / Mention…) is encrypted and registered on the blockchain by the DApps of BCD and certified by smart contract (only a school identified upstream can issue via smart contract). This approach allows us to have an integrated architecture, reliable and fast to implement.


Trust requires transparency and that’s why EvidenZ is based on the Ethereum public blockchain, where each transaction is immutable and verifiable by all, in contrast to solutions based on private blockchains (Hyperledger for example, used by Sony for its “education” offer).


We believe in the scalability and security of Ethereum to carry EvidenZ transactions over the long term. With open source DApps and a solution that can be operated independently of BCD, we provide institutions with guaranteed access to data and service without any time limit.

Respect for personal data

Thanks to its cryptographic key system, EvidenZ provides a technical answer to the right to be forgotten on the blockchain and thus complies with the legislation on personal data. Beyond the legal aspect, EvidenZ is designed to ensure that the use or collection of personal data is impossible. This is a principled position upheld by BCD.
The blockchain is contributing to set new standards in all areas. With BCDiploma and EvidenZ, we provide institutions with a large scale deployable certification solution.

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